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cultureRush - Pitch Deck

cultureRush is a social media service where you can create an organic community based on your culture, where you'll be able to participate in programs such as "mentoring", "cultureDate", "cultureJobs", "cultureMedia", etc etc

Ken Pang

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of cultureRush - Pitch Deck

Connect, Share, and Network within Your Culture

Contact: Kenny Pang or Robert Reed
Phone: 206-412-4163 (Kenny)
Phone: 206-909-2208 (Robert)
Email: kennypang@cultureRush.com
Email: robertreed@cultureRush.com

Connect, Share and Network within Your Culture
(A Place Where You can Harness the Power of Your Culture)

We are asking $200,000 for this seed round

Year One:
Hire (1) Director of Technology

Raise second round ($750,000+)

Year Two:
Hire (1) Director of Sale
Hire (1) Financial/Accounting Manager
Hire (1) Sales Manager
Hire (3) Web Programmer/Engineer

Funding Requirements
Revenue Model:
Lead Generation
Affiliate Program
Pay to play – cultureDate, cutureJobs

37.5K raised
Prototype website built

Business Model/Milestones

Strategic Partners: eHarmony/match.com, Zynga/King, Yelp/Path, LinkedIn, Microsoft/Xbox, Sony/PS4, Nintendo, YouTube, vimeo, tudou, dailymotion, etc.

Marketing Strategy:

1. Local culture/nationality media outlets
2. Wide spread press release U.S. Media outlet
3. Social media reach – twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, google+
Market Strategy
Publishing: Quora, Tumblr, typepad
Sharing: YouTube, Dailymotion, digg, vimeo, Flickr, slideshare, Instagram
Playing: Zynga, playdom, playfish, kobojo
Networking: hi5, meetme, askfm, snapchat, classmates,
Buying: bizrate, etsy, Polyvore, tripadvisor,
Localization: Yelp, foursquare, Path
Big Four: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter

There is an 'Invisible Bond' that exists in each culture and because of this uniqueness, cultureRush will thrive and win!
Competitive Market
Social networking is in a critical evolutionary phase:

bifurcation: Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+
revenue-generation techniques are evolving
social media emerging as a starting distribution point for content
advertisers, marketers, developers, etc. seek more clearly defined target audiences, and cultureRush can surely deliver what they want when they want
cultureRush is the only social media site that can evoke kindness, generosity, compassion and productivity
massive shift in demographics – 'minorities are becoming majority‘
Why cultureRush Now?
Our Solution
Limited access to Mentoring or Community-based support platforms backed by:

common experience and background that can translate into act of “kindness of strangers” and “commercial activity”

The Current Problem
How Did We Get Here?
cultureRush.com is a social networking service owned and operated by cultureRush Inc., a Nevada corporation with operations in Washington State.

grouping by cultural identification is a natural phenomenon

compassion, generosity, and kindness of strangers do exist

mentoring program, cultureDate, cultureMarket, cultureJobs, cultureMedia, cultureSchool, etc., etc...
Crowded social media landscape but nothing based on your culture/ethnicity
The Current Problem
Kenny Pang and Rob Reed met in late 2010 to discuss business opportunities, and shared their experiences, observations, and ideas.

Kenny Pang: Founder
Mr. Pang’s family immigrated from South Korea in 1981 when he was a child. Theirs was a typical American immigrant experience. They knew no one, nor did they have any idea how they’d support themselves, where they’d live, etc. But when they joined a Korean-American church, members there supported them with advice, comfort, offers of goods and services, and social belonging. This outpouring of support was crucial to their successful relocation.

From a “pay it forward” motivation, Mr. Pang became interested in technology as an enabler of Mentorship and community-based support, and the underlying social factors that cause people to take action in specific situations. But more importantly, Mr. Pang felt that the current social media landscape was too cluttered without a good solution in the near future. Thus cultureRush was born.

Robert Reed: Founder
Mr. Reed had most recently worked in executive recruiting for large financial services companies, after fourteen years in banking and capital markets. As a student of markets and economics, he was struck by the inefficiencies of human capital/talent markets, and the evolving impact of technology (e.g. job posting boards, LinkedIn).
Connect, Share, and Network within Your Culture

Contact: Kenny Pang or Robert Reed
Phone: 206-412-4163 (Kenny)
Phone: 206-909-2208 (Robert)
Email: kennypang@cultureRush.com
Email: robertreed@cultureRush.com
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