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Rockstar Scenario

No description

Deepika Shah

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Rockstar Scenario

Aimee I want to be the 'START'
of everyone's day :) Rock Star DESTINY Design In the middle of semester. One typical studio hour, four people from four actor category are having conversation about the studio space.

Rockstar: Work surfaces are sometimes
too cramped. As we have different kind
of projects every week I sometimes feel
that the working surfaces are not
adequate especially while working as
a team.

Rockstar: The furniture are too heavy.
We hardly change the configuration
of the furniture in the studio.

Rockstar: I think having more transparent partitions would be better, because I know at times when people walk by there are other design discipline students who would come up and ask what you are doing…….and at times other design disciplines have helped me refining my design. I think this raises the level of creativity.

Adding some colors make the
environment feel better and
enhances creativity.
Cluster arrangement in
the studio helps for
facilitate interaction.
Cluster arrangement
helps to have larger
work surface area and
requires less furniture
with better circulation
Mac compatible
projector cord
Having more windows in
the room helps to have
connection with nature
and make the laborious
job little lively.
Computer kiosk
in the studio
Having transparent
partitions helps to
have interaction with
other disciplines
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