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DECA basics

No description

Bhajneek Sodhi

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of DECA basics

@ Harold Brathwaite

lub of

emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in various
topics in
high schools
and colleges around the
Important Dates to know
DECA’s Competitive Events
1) Written tests
2) Role Play
Sample Finance Exam:
1. Which of the following is often cited as the most significant stumbling block in achieving compliance goals within large financial organizations:
A. Poor data quality
B. Lack of training
C. Inadequate funding
D. Improper accounting system
Role Play:
You are working in the marketing department for an amusement park
The vice president of marketing f has asked you to develop a strategy to fill the park on weekends from October to February because business is slow then
The vice president would like the park to be more involved in corporate training, and to be seen as a partner in education

1. Generating “product” ideas that can be used to cultivate group sales.

2. Creating special “vacation” packages for families.

3. Identification of the different target markets and the advertising and promotion strategies you will use to reach them.

4. What staffing issues, if any, will you need to overcome in order to accomplish your ideas?
Your plan should include the following:
Ice Breaker Games:
Today's Agenda

1) Attendance
2) Registration fee
3) Ice Breaker
4) sample questions/ role play
5) judging scheme
1) Find a partner in the room
2) you will be make a handshake with your partner that includes at least 4 moves
3) find two more people and trade handshakes
Judging Scheme
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