Saving a Presentation in Prezi Classic Desktop for Windows

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One of the great benefits of using Prezi Classic Desktop for Windows is the ability to work completely offline and keep your prezis locally, on your computer. Best of all, it’s a cinch to do. Check out the video to learn more about syncing online and saving locally.

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When you use Prezi Classic Desktop for Windows, you can store your prezis in two ways:

  • in the cloud or
  • locally on your computer.

If you store prezis in the cloud, they will sync with your online prezis when you have an Internet connection. Prezi Classics stored locally are never synced online, which means they are not stored in the cloud and they remain on your computer. This is a good option for businesses and organizations who have special requirements for information storage.

Keeping your prezis offline

  1. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner to bring up the options menu.
  2. Select Move to Local prezis.
  3. Your prezi will be stored locally, on your computer. You can access your locally stored prezis by clicking on the computer icon in the left sidebar.

If at any time, you would like to sync a prezi stored locally, you can. First you have to move that prezi to your synced prezis.

Moving an offline prezi back online (to synced prezis)

  1. Click the three dots in lower right corner of the prezi you want to sync with your online prezis.
  2. Click Move to synced. You will be taken to your list of synced prezis.
  3. Once your prezi is finished syncing, your prezi will now be in the cloud with your other online prezis. You can access them by clicking the cloud icon in the left sidebar.

Please note that local prezis will not be synced with your online prezis. This means, they will remain completely offline until you move them to your synced prezis.

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