Exporting a Presentation using Prezi Classic Desktop for Windows

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Got an upcoming presentation or want a backup of your prezi? Then exporting your prezi for presentation is the way to go. You can export your prezi for use on a Windows or Mac in a standalone file. This means that the file can be viewed and presented with just the file—no Internet connection or application is needed.

Using a Mac? Check out our article for Prezi Classic Desktop for Mac here.

Exporting your prezi for presentation

  1. Click the three dots in the lower right corner of the prezi you want to export.
  2. Select Export for presentation.
  3. Check the box next to the operating system you’d like your prezi to run on. If you check both, two separate files will be created.
  4. Click Export.
  5. Select where you want to save the prezi(s) and click OK.

Viewing or presenting a portable prezi

A prezi exported for presentation is also known as a portable prezi. Here’s how to view it:

For Windows
Simply double-click on the file. Your prezi will load. Once it opens, it will be immediately ready for presentation. It’s that simple.

Note: DirectX 9 or higher is required to view a portable prezi in Windows. You’ll also need a dedicated or integrated graphics card.

For Mac
Double-click the file to unzip the folder. Open the folder, and double-click on the Prezi Classic icon to open your prezi. It is now ready to be shown to the world.

Note: You must have an Internet connection to play YouTube videos in a prezi.

Sending your exported prezi for presentation

Send the file that appears after you export the prezi for presentation.

  • EXE→ Windows (If exported with Prezi Classic Desktop for Windows, this will appear with as a Prezi Classic logo)
  • ZIP→ Mac
    Once you’ve exported your prezi for presentation, you can save it to a pen drive or email it to anyone in the world knowing that your prezi will be viewable regardless if the viewer or computer has a Prezi Classic account. If you’re not sure which file format to send, it’s best to send both files.

Also known as the portable prezi, this file is great to send in advance If you’re going to present your prezi at a conference.

Note: Make sure you send the EXE or ZIP file. Otherwise, the prezi will not be viewable.

Presenting in prezi

Check out this video for the different ways you can present in Prezi Classic.

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