What to Do with YouTube Error Messages

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YouTube videos can be inserted into prezis directly from the editor. Sometimes, after successfully inserting a YouTube video into your prezi, you may return to your prezi later and find an error message like the ones below:

There are several reasons that one of these messages might appear:

First message

1. The network that you are on doesn't allow access to YouTube. So, for example, if you inserted the YouTube content from your home computer (which is on your home network, which allows access to YouTube), and you then go to present or edit your prezi at your school or office, the YouTube content may not load because your school/office network prevents users from accessing YouTube. If this is the case, we recommend either asking a member of the IT department to allow you temporary access to YouTube or inserting the video into your prezi as a video file.

Second message

1. The YouTube site is experiencing some kind of technical difficulty.
2. The video you have inserted is no longer on the site (It may have been removed for a number of reasons, check YouTube's General Policy Guidelines to see if the video you want to use may have broken their community rules).

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