What to Do with an IO_ERROR Message

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An IO_ERROR is usually caused by one of three things, either there is a connection problem, a memory issue, or an object in your prezi is causing a problem.

If you are struggling to access a prezi from your dashboard, and you see an error message like the one below, then there could be something wrong with your connection to the Internet, or your computer may not have enough RAM.

IO_ERROR troubleshooting

  • Check your internet connection. If you're using a wired connection, make sure that cables are properly connected.
  • It is possible that your firewall, or some other security software, is preventing information from Prezi Classic from reaching your computer. Make sure *.prezi.com is whitelisted by your firewall. You may need to ask your IT department to help with this. Unfortunately, there are many different combinations of firewall, virus software, operating system, and browser, and we cannot provide advice for all of them here. Consult the support literature for your firewall/virus software for instructions on how to whitelist certain websites. Alternatively, you can visit Prezi Classic's online community for more advice on whitelisting prezi and firewalls.

Please note that much of the advice on this forum is provided by other Prezi Classic users and is not official advice from Prezi Classic employees.

Lack of RAM

  • If you are confident that your Internet connection and security settings are not the source of the error, the problem could be due to a lack of RAM. Some things you can do to tackle a lack of RAM are:
  1. Try accessing the same prezis from a more powerful computer.
  2. Try an alternative browser. Internet Explorer and Safari do not always manage a computer's RAM efficiently. Some users have better results with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • If the problem persists, perhaps the IO_ERROR message is due to the third reason, which is detailed below.

IO_ERROR while inserting objects

There are a number of different things that you can insert into a prezi that will cause you to see an IO_ERROR message. Most often, it is caused by inserting a video file that is not a supported format. But it could be caused by image or sound files, too.

For more information on what file formats Prezi Classic supports and how to insert various types of file into prezi, click on the following links:

For videos, click here.

For images, click here.

For sound, click here.

IO_ERROR for unsupported images

When you insert a file that is not supported by Prezi Classic, you will see a message like the one below:

An IO_ERROR message related to this problem is then generated when you save and exit the prezi which contains a message like the one above. As soon as you re-enter the prezi you will most likely see an error message like this one:

  • To remove this error message, first remove the file that caused the initial Missing image message. Once you have done this, save and exit your prezi using the button in the top-right corner.
  • When you return to your prezi, you shouldn't see the IO_ERROR message again.
  • If you continue to see the message, make sure you have read the links on inserting media files into a prezi, and that you have removed any file that could possibly be causing the error. If the problem persists, you can try looking for more advice on Prezi Classic's community forum, or if you are an Enjoy, Pro, Pro Plus, or Edu Pro user, visit our support page and open a help request.

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