Inputting International Characters

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Prezi Classic currently supports Roman, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai characters. If you wish to work in these languages, you will need to select a theme that supports the language you want to use.

To work in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Thai

Click the Customize button from the top menu. Then select one of the specific themes that allows you to enter either Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Thai characters. Please make sure you choose the theme of the language you want to work in.

Note: If you are working in either Korean or Japanese, select that language at the bottom of your dashboard before you create a new prezi or open an existing prezi. This will give you more theme choices in the “Customize” menu.

You will still be able to input letters of the Roman alphabet while working using one of these themes. To switch between the two languages, you'll need to change the input settings on your operating system.

In Prezi Classic Desktop, the language setting is determined by your computer's operating system, but you can change the language setting manually. For instructions on changing language with Prezi Classic Desktop, click here for Windows and here for Mac.

If you wish to use a large amount of unsupported characters it is possible to use an external tool to create the text you need and then import it into a prezi as a PDF, SWF, or other similar image file. For more detail on inserting images click here. For information on importing a PDF, click here.

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