Moving Prezi Classic Presentations to a New Account

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If you already have a Prezi Classic account with prezis, and you’re invited to join a team, you may not want that team to have ownership of your prezis. Don’t worry, your prezis are safe. When joining a team, you’ll have the option of making a new account.

First, select the option to move your prezis to a different account. This will create an entirely new account.

Once you confirm your choice to make a new account, all of your prezis will be transferred to that account.

You can then choose to move prezis over to your team account at any time.

Moving prezis from one account to another

Moving prezis between two accounts depends on a prezi’s privacy setting. The simplest way to move a prezi to your account is to make a copy of a reusable prezi. This will automatically put the prezi into the new account.

Before you do so, make sure the prezi you want to move is reusable. You can do this by changing its privacy setting in your new account.

Making a copy of a resuable prezi

  1. Find the prezi in your new account that you want to move over to your team account. Click on that prezi to go to its view page.
  2. Open another tab and login to your team account.
  3. Then go back to the prezi you want to move and click “Make a copy”.
  4. That prezi will automatically be added to your prezis in your team account.

When you edit a copy of a prezi, your original will remain unedited. If you would like to have your edits reflected in the prezi for both accounts, you have to add your team account as an editor.

Changing a prezi’s privacy setting

  1. Go to your prezi dashboard.
  2. Click on the prezi you want to access.
  3. Select Share from the options that appear beneath your prezi.
  4. You will then see the “Share” pop-up window that includes the privacy slider.
  5. Move the slider to your desired privacy state.
  6. Tick the box to “Allow others to duplicate this prezi.” This will allow a copy of your prezi to be made.

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