Managing Your Prezi Team

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Prezi for Teams allows you to manage multiple accounts through one administrative page. To manage your team licenses, you'll need to be an assigned admin. Check out this video to learn about managing your team.

Getting started with your team account

Sign in to your Prezi account online, then click Admin Console in the left sidebar of your dashboard. If you don’t see the Admin Console option, then you’re not a team admin.

Tip: Every team in Prezi must have at least one admin. You can check the name of your admin on your Account Settings page under the “Settings Overview” and “License” sections.

Managing Licenses

On the main screen of your “Manage Teams” page, you can see the current status of your Prezi team licenses. From the “Members” tab, an admin can do the following:

To add licenses

Click +Add Licenses to get more licenses for your Prezi for Teams account. Then choose how many licenses you would like to purchase and enter your credit card details. You can change your credit card details by clicking Enter New Card next to the current card details.

If you have a valid VAT number, you can add it here. Then click Confirm Purchase. You can also choose to pay through PayPal by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

To add people to the team

Type the email address of the person you wish to add into the field. Then click Invite, and a notification will be sent immediately. You’ll see a message that the invitation was sent and see the number of remaining licenses reduce by one.

Once you send an invitation, you’ll see the user’s membership status as “pending” until they person accepts to join the team. The admin can resend the invitation or discard it at anytime.

To give admin rights to a team member

With Prezi for Teams, you can have multiple admins for your account. Administrative rights allow a user to manage the account. To give admin rights, scroll down until you find the user you want to give admin rights to and click Make Admin.

If you’d like to take away administrative rights, click Remove as Admin. Your team must have at least one admin, so you cannot remove the last admin without assigning administrative rights to another user.

To remove members from your team

To do this, scroll down until you find the user you want to remove from your team and then click Remove. You’ll get a pop-up giving you the option to transfer prezis from that member’s account to another team member.

To transfer the prezis, click on the tab that reads “Choose a team member” and select who you want to receive the prezis. If you do not transfer the prezis from the account before removing the team member, the user you remove will still have access to all prezis in the account. This means the removed user will have an expired license and may not edit any prezis but will be able to view them. Regardless, the prezis will retain their individual privacy status.

Once you remove someone from the team, you’ll see the number of available licenses increase.

Questions? Contact us at for assistance.

Managing payments

Click on the “Manage Teams” tab.

Renewing your licenses

Under the “Payments” tab, you can set your payment to renew automatically by checking the box next to “Automatic Renewal” or renew your subscriptions now by clicking Renew for Next Year Now. If you choose to renew for the coming year, the year will be added to the current date of expiration of your Prezi for Teams account.

Downloading an invoice

You can download an invoice in the “Payments” tab. From here, go to the “Download Invoices” section and click Download on the invoice you want.

If you haven’t already, fill in your billing information. Once everything is correct and checked, click Continue when you’re done. Your invoice will download as a PDF.

Updating billing information

You can update your billing address in the “Payments” tab. Simply scroll down until you get to the “Billing Information” section, and click Edit. Enter in your new address and click Save.

Managing team settings and default privacy

Team admins can manage settings for the entire team in the “Settings” tab.

Default privacy level

The team admin can set the default privacy level for all prezis made using the team account. Each member of the team can still manually set the privacy level on individual prezis as they desire.

Private: New prezis can be shared only with team members and those invited by email.
Hidden: New prezis can be shared with anyone who has the prezi’s link.
Public: To help teams protect confidential information, this function is turned off by default.

Managing the privacy of individual prezis

To help maintain security and protect sensitive information, team admins can oversee and modify the settings of individual prezis created by any and all team members. This can be done under the “Prezis” tab.

Note: Admins can override the privacy status of only synced prezis. Local prezis are accessible to only the creator of the prezi and those who have collaborating rights.

To filter prezis

A convenient way for admins to search prezis and monitor privacy levels is to filter them by owner or privacy level. To do so, simply click List by owner or List by level. If needed, the admin can change a prezi’s privacy level.

To change the privacy setting of a team member’s prezi

  1. Go to Manage Teams > Prezis
  2. Check the boxes next to the prezi(s) you want to change.
  3. Click Select privacy level and choose the new privacy level.
  4. Click Save changes.

Getting Support

When you click the “Support” tab, you can find support articles to learn more about Prezi for Teams. There is also a contact form to send questions and inquiries directly to our support team.

For a detailed FAQ about Prezi for Teams, please click here.

Questions? Contact us at for assistance.

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