Prezi Classic Glossary

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

The Prezi Classic Glossary defines some of the terms that are unique to Prezi Classic as well as many of the terms that you might encounter when putting a prezi together. There are links within this page that will open up a new manual page related to a specific feature as well as jump links that will take you to other definitions on this page.We hope you enjoy reading it. If you have any comments on the definitions of any of the terms, or if you think there's something missing from the list, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.




Everything to do with you and Prezi Classic. This can include the prezis in your prezi library, your billing information, right through to how many days you have left on your license.


To start, to bring to life. In Prezi Classic, we use this term for the process you need to complete shortly after you download Prezi Classic Desktop. After you have successfully downloaded Prezi Classic Desktop for the first time, you'll need to activate it before you can start to create offline presentations.


Lines that point to something.


The people lucky enough to see you presenting your latest awesomeprezi.


A visual representation of you. In Prezi Classic these are the cute little icons that whiz around yourcanvas when several people are working in the same prezi. If you connect your Prezi Classic account with Facebook, your avatar will be your Facebook profile picture.


Like, the best adjective ever. Awesome.



The area, usually an image or color, behind everything else in a prezi. With Prezi Classic these come in both normal and 3D versions.

Billing information

The information that we need to take money from you. We need this money in order to continue giving you the awesomeness that is Prezi Classic.


It's also the name that Prezi Classic gives to one of the font selections that you can set in the Theme Wizard.

Bracket Frame

A frame is a visual structure used to highlight and/or group information. In this case, it’s using the shape of brackets.


Cancel Subscription

To end the recurring payment that is part of your prezi license. This won't delete any of your prezis or change their privacy status.


Your prezi canvas is the clean, white, 3D space just waiting for your awesome ideas. You can start with a blank one or choose from one of our templates.

Circle Frame

A frame is a visual structure used to highlight and/or group information. In this case, it’s in the shape of a circle.

The Cloud

The online place where all of the things you upload are stored. Prezi Classic is a cloud-based service, which means you can access it from any computer or device with an Internet connection.
As more and more stuff is put in the cloud, it becomes heavier and darker. However, experts are unconcerned as to what will happen when the cloud bursts and it starts to rain.


To work together on a single prezi.


Duplicate, clone. To make a separate but identical version of something.


Cascading Style Sheets. Editing the CSS code can help you refine the style of your prezi.

CSS Editor

Used for editing the CSS. Access this from the Theme Wizard.




The dashing page where all your prezis can be found. You can think of it as your list of zooming, panning, awesomeness.


Erase. Remove. Eliminate.
If you delete a prezi, it will never come back. If you delete a Prezi Classic account, all the prezis within that account will never ever come back, but why would you want to do that?
Deleting an account is not the same as canceling your subscription.


The main screen of your computer or a computer that can be used on a desk. In Prezi Classic, you can download our Prezi Classic Desktop application on your desktop computer so you can work and present anywhere without an Internet connection.


To take something from the Internet and put it onto your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can download a PEZ for use with desktop app Prezi Classic Desktop or a portable prezi, for use without Internet access or a Prezi Classic account.



To change

Edit Mode

The Prezi Classic Editor has two modes. Edit Mode is the one to use for adding and changing content. You know you're in Edit Mode when you see grid lines across your canvas and a big blue “Present” button in the top-left corner of your screen.

The Editor/The Prezi Classic Editor

The Prezi Classic editing interface as it appears on your screen.

Edu License

A special discounted license for anyone with a valid and active educational email address. There are two kinds of Edu licenses: Edu Enjoy and Edu Pro.

Enjoy License

The middle child of prezi licenses. It comes with more space than a Public license, and premium support, too.



It's this thing that's kind of like MySpace.

Fade-in Animation

A feature that magically makes your content appear from out of nowhere.


Your collection of reusable content that you’ve saved from your previous prezis. You can drop them directly into any prezi.


Frames are a key part of the Prezi Classic experience. You can use them as placeholders for your content as well as points along your prezi's path. They come in four types: bracket, rectangle, circle, and invisible.


The typeface for your text. You can change your font choices in Prezi Classic using font chooser using the text toolbar or the Theme Wizard.

Full screen

Your entire screen. Viewing a prezi in full screen is great for your awesome prezi more visible to everyone in your audience.



Group (Content)

To put content together into a group. When content is grouped, it is connected until you ungroup it.


Help Request

Sometimes called a support ticket. This is an email that you send to our support team asking them for help with an issue you are having.

Home Button

Clicking this button will take you to an overview of your prezi.




A picture or photograph.

The Internet

A series of tubes.

Invisible Frame

A frame that you can't see. Actually, you can see it in Edit Mode, but not in Present Mode.



Keyboard Shortcut

A combination of keys that when pressed perform a certain function. In Prezi Classic, these need to be turned on before they'll work.



The bar on the left-hand side of the Prezi Classic editor. Use this to edit your prezi's path.


The level of service that you have. See Prezi Classic License.


To think something is at least on the way to being awesome. You can tell everyone of your Facebook friends that you like a prezi simply by clicking on the “Like” button that appears on the view page.


Arrows without the pointing.


Lines of text that when clicked on take you to somewhere on the Internet.


On your computer. With Prezi Classic Desktop, you can save your prezis locally and keep them unsynced. This means they will remain on your computer and not online.




Music can be added as a background track to your prezi.



Not connected the Internet. You can work on your prezi offline using Prezi Classic Desktop.


Connected to the Internet. Unless you have Prezi Classic Desktop, you need to be online to create prezis.


The view of your whole prezi when you zoom all the way out.




To move around your prezi canvas by going to the left, right, up, or down. Basically any direction except for zoomingin and out.


The route you and your audience take as you travel through the ideas in your prezi. When you set your path, you create the journey your viewers will take.

Path Steps

The points on your path. Some people may (incorrectly) refer to these as "slides."


A PEZ is a downloaded Prezi Classic file that allows users to edit their prezi offline using Prezi Classic Desktop.

Portable Prezi Classic

A prezi that has been magically compressed into a standalone file that can be presented anywhere without the need of an Internet connection. You don’t need a Prezi Classic license to view one, so they’re great to send out.


A software tool used for presentations. Some people use this.

PowerPoint Import

A feature within the Prezi Classic editor that can bring the content of your PPT or PPTX file onto a prezi canvas.

Present Mode

The Prezi Classic Editor comes in two modes. Present Mode is the one to use for showing off your prezi to others. You'll know you're in Present Mode when you can't see any grid lines on your canvas and there's no menu bar at the top.

Prezi Classic

A zooming, panning, whole new way of communicating.

A Prezi Classic

An individual example of the zooming, panning, whole new way of communicating.

Prezi Ambassador

Prezi's (unpaid) representatives at a school, college, or university. If you're interested in becoming one of these awesome people, you can read about how to realize that dream, here.

Prezi Classic Canvas

The 3D space just where you put your awesome ideas and later present them to the world.

**Prezi Classic Desktop

The computer application version of the Prezi Classic editor. With this app, you can make prezis anywhere, even on a plane. Or a boat. It also works on trains. In fact pretty much every form of transportation that doesn't have Wi-Fi.

Prezi Expert

Someone who doesn't work for Prezi Classic, but is brilliant at using Prezi Classic. We have a list of experts on this page.

Prezi Classic License

The level of account you have with Prezi Classic. Licenses come in the following varieties: Public, Edu Enjoy, Enjoy, Edu Pro, Pro, and Pro Plus. You can click here for more information. You're welcome.

A prezi’s URL. You can send this link to share your prezi.


To sprinkle magic Prezi Classic dust onto something and as a result make it more awesome.


A resumé made using Prezi Classic.

Privacy Status

The current status of who can and can't see your prezi. Edu Enjoy, Enjoy, Edu Pro, Pro, and Pro Plus license holders can control the privacy status of their prezis. Public license holders share their prezis with the world.

Pro License

A premium prezi license. It has the most space, full support, and the potential to go offline with Prezi Classic Desktop.

Pro Plus License

The awesome Pro license but with the added benefits of advanced training.

Public License

The most basic and cost-efficient Prezi Classic license, which amazingly is available to anyone with an email address. It's a cool license, but not as great as Enjoy or as awesome as Pro.

Prezi Viewer

The downloadable app for the best viewing experience. It works with iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles and tablets. Now you can view or present even if you’re in the air.


Rectangle Frame

A frame is a visual structure used to highlight and/or group information. In this case, it’s in the shape of a rectangle.

Recurring Payment

A payment that is made on a regular basis. If you subscribe to Enjoy, Pro, or Edu Pro, your account will be charged on a recurring basis, which means that you do not have to regularly renew your subscription. For more information on payments, check out our Payment FAQ.


To change the size of something.


To use something again. When you make your prezi reusable (see Privacy Status), you make it possible for other people to use your inspiring prezi content to help them convey their ideas. Doing this makes you awesome.


To turn something around its central axis.





To preserve or keep. With Prezi Classic Desktop, you can save your work locally or online.


To use together. Sharing is caring.


Definition missing.


Something that doesn't need anything else.


The heading above a body of text that comes underneath a title. It's also the name that Prezi Classic gives to one of the font selections that you can set in the Theme Wizard.


In Prezi Classic's case this means a feisty collection of dedicated individuals that make it their life goal to help you have the best possible Prezi Classic experience.

Support Ticket

See Help Request.


Team Licenses

A set of licenses that are administered by one central administrative account. For more information on getting team licenses for your organization, click here.


A great starting point for a new prezi. This is effectively a prezi with a premade structure that you can put your content into.



Text box

A box to enter words. Prezi Classic text boxes are easy to resize, rotate, and move thanks to the Transformation Tool.


The theme of your prezi includes your choice of background, colors, and fonts. You can change your theme using the Theme Wizard..

Theme Wizard

The tool that you can use to edit your theme choices.


A small picture that represents something much larger.


The heading at the top of a body of text. It's also the name that Prezi Classic gives to one of the font selections that you can set in the Theme Wizard.

Top Menu

The menu found at the top of the Prezi Classic editor window. It consists of two main options that provide you with most of the awesome Prezi Classic features.

Transformation Tool

The all-in-one tool that you can use to manage your Prezi Classic content. It's great because you can resize, rotate, and move your content all over your canvas with just one tool.


Some plans, such as Edu Pro, include a 30-day trial. During this time, you get to try all of the features of that license for free.



The opposite of group. To take content that was grouped and give it freedom and independence.


To make better.


The opposite of download. To send something from your computer or mobile device to the Internet.


Uniform Resource Locator. Or "links" as most people refer to them. These lines of text take you directly to a website. Also referred to as website addresses. Prezi Classic uses unique URLs to link you to individual prezis.




What you see on your screen at a specific moment.

Send these links to anyone you want to be able to view your prezi. Viewing is all a viewer can do with these links.

View Page

The page which displays your prezi before you start to edit it.



A wireless connection to the Internet.


A little pop-up window that helps you control the options for a specific feature. Prezi Classic has two wizards: The Theme Wizard and the PowerPoint import wizard.
Note: While these wizards help you work magic, they're not actually mystical men with long beards and an English accent.


Zoom In

Go closer to the details (make small things big).

Zoom Out

Move away from something (make big things small).



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