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This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Do things look different? If they do, it's because Prezi developers are constantly designing new features in order to give you an even better experience. Check our latest features periodically to stay up-to-date with what's been keeping us busy or have a look at our feature archive to see Prezi Classic's history. Please note that all information relating to new features was correct at the time of the original log. For the most current information on all Prezi Classic features, please check out the articles in Prezi Classic’s knowledge base.

Prezi Classic

Prezi is now called Prezi Classic to make room for our new product, Prezi Next. We’ve taken the best storytelling elements of Prezi Classic, made it easier to use, and added much-wanted features for the most visually stunning, engaging, and interactive presentations ever. Check out the video to learn more or go to Prezi Next's knowledge base.

Latest features

Mar 2016 - New Symbols
Mar 2016 - New Templates
Mar 2016 - Prezi Desktop 6
Feb 2016 - Dashboard
Dec 2015 - Prezi Charts
Nov 2015 - Prezi Viewer
Nov 2015 - PowerPoint Import
Oct 2015 - Background chooser
Oct 2015 - Font and color choosers
Feb 2015 - Introducing Prezi for Android

New Symbols

Prezi designers have created great new symbols geared towards business users. You can find them in the “Simple Dark” and “Simple White” symbol sections.

New Templates

Nine brand spankin’ new templates were added to the template chooser. Polished designs and sleek colors are ready to be filled with your great information and presented to the world.

Prezi Desktop 6

Prezi for Windows/Mac is now Prezi Desktop. We’ve included three new features: present remotely, share, and collaborating. We’ve also added the ability to choose fonts, color, and background color directly in the editor. Charts and a simplified PowerPoint conversion feature have also been added.

Check out the video to see what you can expect for Prezi Desktop. Please note that this is the Windows version.

To learn about the Mac version, click here.


Now all of your prezis can be found on the dashboard. This new design makes it easier to navigate and work on teams, plus it’s optimal for accessing your prezis using your mobile.

Prezi Charts

Making graphs has never been easier in Prezi . Pro users can make their data more visually appealing using an editable pie, line, bar, or column chart.

Prezi Viewer

Prezi Viewer is the app that will give you the best viewing experience. It’s available for both Android mobiles and tablets and the iPhone and iPad. Now you can view and present your prezis on the go, watch a remote presentation, use your mobile device as a presentation remote, and much more.

PowerPoint Import

PPT and PPTX files can be imported as images and then resized, rotated, and placed onto your prezi canvas. Making your slides look great has never been easier.

Font and color choosers

Prezi now has more than 50 fonts for you to choose from. Now you can also change a font or change the color for frames, text, shapes, lines, and arrows all directly from the editing toolbar.

Introducing Prezi for Android

With the Prezi for Android app, you can pitch, practice, share, or present remotely from your Android smartphone or tablet. Click here for more information, or check out our video below.

Feature Archive

Dec 2014 - Watch or present remotely from your iOS device
Jul 2014 - A better editor
Jun 2014 - Reuse your Frames
Jan 2014 - Image Effects
Jan 2014 - Background chooser
Dec 2013 - Prezi for Windows/Mac
Dec 2013 - Shared Folders
Nov 2013 - Bold and Italic
Jun 2013 - Better Collaboration
May 2013 - Simpler Sharing
Feb 2013 - Simpler Top Menu
Jan 2013 - Sound
Dec 2012 - The Transformation Tool
Dec 2012 - My Collection
Nov 2012 - Prezi for iPhone
Jul 2012 - Screen Blackout
Jul 2012 - 3D Backgrounds
Jul 2012 - Fade-in Animation
Jun 2012 - Grouping Content
May 2012 - PowerPoint Import
Apr 2012 - Spellcheck
Apr 2012 - Path Sidebar
Apr 2012 - Plus (+) Button
Apr 2012 - Aspect Ratio Guide
Jan 2012 - Text Drag Apart & Auto-panning
Nov 2011 - Prezi Profile Pages
Nov 2011 - Better Colors and Fonts, Editing
Sep 2011 - Play Button
Sep 2011 - Templates
Aug 2011 - Inserting Shapes
Jul 2011 - Insert a Drawing
Jun 2011 - Grouping with Frames
Jun 2011 - Image Insert
Jun 2011 - New Zebra
Jun 2011 - Advanced Right-Click Menu
May 2011 - Bendable Lines
May 2011 - Image Cropping
Feb 2011 - Image Smoothing
Dec 2010 - Color Wizard
Dec 2010 - CSS Editor
Dec 2010 - Drag and Drop
Nov 2010 - Snap, Right-click Menu, Copy-Paste Text
Sep 2010 - Zoom to Lock
Aug 2010 - Prezi Meeting

Watch or present remotely from your iOS device

Need to watch or present your presentation, but can’t make it to the office on time? You can use your iOS device to watch or present your prezi real time. Click here for more information, or check out our video below.

A Better Editor

We've made it much easier to add frames, change your background, add content, and customize your theme all in one release. Click here for more detailed information, or watch the video below to learn more.

Reuse your Frames

You can now drag-and-drop your favorite content from previous prezis straight into the prezi you're working on.

Image Effects

With Prezi's new Image Effects feature, you can remove redeye from your images, add filters to set a mood, and cover up blemishes all from within Prezi–no need to download any additional software.

For more on how to use all of these new effects, check out our article.

Background chooser

Prezi now lets you change the color of a prezi’s background from the “Customize” pop-out.

Prezi for Windows/Mac

The application formerly known as Prezi Desktop is now no more! Please allow us to introduce Prezi for Windows and Mac–the desktop application that allows you to present offline anywhere, anytime. It's also designed to keep you in sync with your online account while giving you the freedom to store your prezis only on your computer instead of in the cloud. For more on what Prezi on your computer can do for you, check out our tutorial.

Shared Folders

It's now really simple and easy to organize your prezis using the shared folders feature. And, as the name suggests, you can share those folders with your colleagues, friends, and family with just few simple clicks.

To learn more about how shared folders work with Prezi, click here.

Bold and Italic

We've now made it even easier to emphasize your point with Prezi . Text options now include not only a range of fonts and colors but the option to make your text appear in bold or italic.

Simply click anywhere on your canvas to add text. Then select the B or I button to change your text. For more on text and Prezi, click here.

Better Collaboration

Working with others in a prezi is now an even better experience.

With the addition of the collaboration sidebar, as well as new avatars and improvements to how you present online, it's now simpler and easier than ever before to co-create, co-edit, and present to the world with Prezi .

To learn more about how you can work on every stage of creating a great prezi – from brainstorming right through to the point you're ready to show your results, click here.

For more information on how to present your prezi to the world click here.

Simpler, Securer, More Control

Sharing your prezis just got a whole lot easier.

We've put all your sharing needs in one simple popup window, and for the first time you can directly control who can view and who can edit your prezi. Not only that, we've also changed the way you manage the privacy status of your prezis. You can now set whether your prezi is Private, Hidden (available only to Enjoy and Pro license holders), Public, or Reusable using our simple privacy slider. For a quick guide, check out the prezi below. For more detail, check out the Knowledge Base page.

Simpler Top Menu

As Prezi has grown over time, the number of things that you can do on your 3D canvas has steadily increased. This meant that the top menu was becoming a little cluttered. To help you find what you're looking for faster and more intuitively, we reorganized and redesigned the top menu.

For more details on how to use all the great Prezi features, check out this article.


Prezi has always been great to look at, and now, for the first time, you can add sound to your breathtaking visuals.

This means that it is now possible to add voice-overs to your path steps, allowing you to explain your ideas without having to be in the room. You can even add a background track that will play on a loop as people explore your prezi.

For detailed instructions on how to use this great new feature, check out this article .

The Transformation Tool

The Transformation Zebra has been one of the signature elements of the Prezi experience for a long time. While we all loved this cute little widget, we decided it was time for a slicker, cleaner, easier to use tool that all our users could enjoy. The new tool was created with you in mind as it keeps all the functionality together in one place, but removes previous issues like the Zebra obstructing the view of your content. In addition, it also makes sizing your objects and text much easier. For more on how to use the new tool, check out this article.

My Collection

Sometimes (like when you've made a particularly awesome prezi) you may want to reuse some of the elements of a prezi that worked well. Thanks to Prezi's new My Collection feature, you don't have to work hard to recreate great content, you can simply add it to your object library and use it again at any time.

Prezi for iPhone

Prezi is no longer confined to just your computer and your iPad, it's now available on your iPhone too. With the Prezi for iPhone app, you can download prezis and view them on your phone. Download a prezi that's embedded online or directly from your own library. Your iPhone will automatically store the last ten prezis that you viewed, meaning you can view those ten most recent prezis again without the need for an active Internet connection.

If you have an iPhone 4S or 5, you can even wirelessly stream your prezi from your iPhone to your presentation screen.
Prezi for iPhone is free to download for all license types. For more information you can visit our dedicated webpage, or visit the App Store to download your copy now.

Screen Blackout

Sometimes you want to focus the attention of your audience on you as the presenter, rather than what's on the screen. With Prezi, you can now achieve a powerful effect whereby the audience is focused on you and not your visual aids by blacking out your screen. To black out your screen, simply press the 'B' button on your keyboard.

Screen blackout is available with Prezi online, Prezi Meeting, and Prezi Desktop.

3D Backgrounds

You can now add 3D backgrounds to your prezi to add greater depth to background images and enhance the visual experience of your presentation.

When you add an image using this feature, the 3D effect is handled automatically. Prezi creates a parallax motion for the 3D background image when you move around. The picture will adjust itself to your path and zooming settings so no additional adjustments are needed. Check out this article for more information.

Fade-in Animation

In Prezi you can zoom. And now, you can use the animation feature to fade in content within frames. Prezi just got even more fun!

Check out the Fade-in animation article to learn how to use this exciting new feature.

Grouping content together

Multiple items of content can be grouped and manipulated together in your prezi.

Check out this article to learn how you can group in Prezi.

Introducing PowerPoint Import

Import your slides into Prezi, one at a time or all at once, with or without a path, using just a few clicks.

Using Spellcheck

With Prezi, you can now check spelling. A red line indicating a misspelled word will only be visible in Edit Mode. You can still present cleanly without a little red line in Present mode, even if you made a typo.

To learn more on how to check spelling in your prezi, check out this article.

Path Sidebar & Path Numbers

We're excited to announce that creating a prezi just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the Path Sidebar, and its corresponding Path Number on the canvas. With this new addition, you can see an overview of your prezi, as well as your path points, on the left Path Sidebar at any time. It is also possible to click on any part of the overview displayed in the top-left corner to zoom in on that point, or click on a path thumbnail to zoom into that path point. In addition it is also possible to click the plus icon to quickly add another path point.

Prezi Plus (+) Button

Quickly create a prezi in just a few clicks.Using the Plus (+) button adds a path point to the end of your prezi. As you drag a placeholder to a nearby frame, it automatically scales.
Content added using the Plus button behaves just like everything else in your prezi (eg. grouping frames, editable text).

Aspect Ratio Guide

With Prezi's brand new aspect ratio feature, you can see exactly how your prezi will look before you present it. Have you ever felt that your prezi looks different when you project it to a big screen? That's probably because projectors and screens operate in different aspect ratios. Sometimes it's 4:3, in other cases it's 16:9. With this new feature you can preview exactly how your prezi will appear in various different ratios. For more info, check out this article.

Text drag apart & Auto-panning

Now, you can drag lines of text out of a textbox and automatically create new text boxes using those lines. Just click and hold the hand tool that appears next to a line to drag apart from the rest of the text box. You can even highlight multiple lines and drag them to create a new text box with those selected lines. At the same time, we've released our auto-panning feature. Drag your text (or any other content) to the edge of the prezi canvas and the screen will pan and reveal more.

Prezi Profile Pages

All Prezi users now have the ability to create a profile that includes a photo and short biography. Your profile page showcases all your public prezis, allowing others to easily find you and your prezis.

Share your profile, search for others:

Easily share your profile page via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Clicking on an author's name will take you to their profile page.
Customize your own unique profile page URL.

Privacy Information:

Prezi Public license users' profiles are public. Enjoy and Pro users' profiles are private by default, though can be easily changed to public. Only public prezis will be showcased on the public profile page. Private prezis remain private.

New Colors, Fonts, Themes, and Better Color Editing

We've given our themes, colors, and fonts a complete makeover. You can now also change the color of your text directly from the text editor.

Play Button

We've made Show mode easier to find. Before, you found Show mode by clicking on the greyed out Show bubble menu in the top left of the Prezi editor. We felt that showing off your prezi wasn't getting the attention your beautiful work deserved, so we've moved it to the bottom right, so it stands out from the crowd.

Luckily, you can still use the same shortcut (the Space bar) to quickly shift between Edit and Show mode.


Introducing Prezi templates: you don't always have to start from scratch. To access Prezi templates all you have to do is create a new prezi to automatically choose from one of five templates or a blank canvas. Prezi templates include:

Editable text, images, frames, and a structured overview
A preset, editable path

With Prezi templates, you can:

Preview a template before selecting
Enjoy all the functionalities of the Prezi editor

Inserting Shapes

Now, you can draw shapes (rectangles, circles, triangles) in your prezi by clicking on Insert > Shapes from the Prezi Bubble Menu. Shapes behave like frames, so any object placed within a shape will be grouped with the shape (press ‘alt’ to remove something from a group). It is not possible to write directly on shapes, but you can drag any object onto them.

Insert a Drawing

Now, you can include up to twelve pre-made drawings into your prezi with only a click. Drawings include a combination of Prezi text, shapes, frames, and images that allow you to easily create a timeline, cycle, organizational chart, and more.

To insert a drawing into your prezi:

Select 'Insert'.
Hover your mouse over one of the 12 drawings to see a preview.
Double-click on the drawing you'd like to insert, or select 'Choose'.
Fill in the content of your selected drawing.

Grouping with Frames

Frames are containers for objects in your prezi. You can use frames to show multiple items together in your path. You can also use frames to group items together.

Image Insert

Insert images into your prezis without leaving the page. With Image Insert, you can search for and scroll through images until you find the perfect one.

New Zebra

When you click on an object, Prezi's Transformation Zebra will appear. It lets you move (center of the Zebra), size, and scale (inner ring or the + / - icons of the Zebra), and rotate objects (outer ring of the Zebra) of any kind. Clicking on the pencil icon will initiate Edit Mode for the selected object.

Advanced Right-click Menu

Right-click on the Zebra to find access to various additional editing options:

Bring to Front: Brings the selection to the front of the canvas. All of the objects that the selection will swap places with will fade.
Bring Forward: Brings the selection one step forward on the canvas. The object that the selection will swap places with will be fade.
Send Back: Sends the selection behind all other objects on the canvas.
Send Backward: Sends the selection back one step. The object that the selection will swap places with will fade.
Cut: The selection will be cut and placed on the computer's clipboard. The same result can be achieved with the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+x (Cmd+x on Macs).
Copy: The selection will be copied to your computer's clipboard. The same result can be achieved with the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+c (Cmd+c on Macs).
Paste: Pastes copied or cut selections from your computer's clipboard to your prezi. The same result can be achieved with the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+v (Cmd+v on Macs).
Delete: Deletes the selection. The deletion of an object in a prezi can be undone by hitting the undo button found in the top left corner of the editor screen when in Edit Mode, or via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+z (Cmd+z on Macs).

Bendable Lines

You can now draw and resize straight lines and arrows, as well as bend them to make your prezi easier to follow.

To draw straight lines, resize, and bend lines and arrows:

Draw a line or arrow.
Double-click the line or arrow.
Drag the control points on one of the edges to resize the object.
Drag the control point at the center of a line or arrow to bend it.
Set the thickness of lines or arrows using the Transformation Zebra’s middle ring.

Image Cropping

You can save a lot of time by cropping your images in Prezi without using any third party editors to set up your photos. For more information, check out this article.

Image Smoothing

Zoom even further into your prezi! Insert pixelated images into Prezi and zoom in without them becoming grainy. The best part is you don't have to do a thing as images are automatically smoothed.

Color Wizard

You can now customize Prezi themes! Available from the bubble menu, the Color Wizard allows you to customize Prezi theme colors, and select your fonts of choice from the wizard’s font library. The wizard has a smart color selection system that suggests appropriate colors for different theme elements based on your initial selections. Furthermore, you can now also create branded Prezi themes by adding your exact company colors to the wizard.

Pro, Edu Pro, and Enjoy users can even add a logo to their custom theme.

CSS Editor

Design professionals can now create branded Prezi themes for free. The CSS code of prezi themes is now available for customizing in a standalone editor.

The Color Wizard and the CSS Editor are accessible with all license types. Learn more about these new features from our related articles:

The CSS Editor
Can I customize colors?

Drag and drop files into Prezi Desktop

Drag and drop images, videos, and PDF documents directly into Prezi Desktop from your computer! The Color Wizard and CSS editor are also available with this update of the off-line editor.

Snap, Right-click Menu, Copy/paste text

Three new features have been added to the Prezi online editor:

1. Snapping: There was a time that it was tricky to align objects within a prezi. Now, when you rotate or move images, frames, or text, they will automatically click into position with the objects around them. You can also adjust text to the size of other text boxes.

2. The Right-click Menu: Right-click in the editor to activate a submenu of options that includes copy, paste, cut, and delete.

3. Copy/Paste text: You can now use your computer’s clipboard to copy and paste text. This means that you can copy any text selection from a document, the web, or any other application and paste into the editor with a click.

Zoom to Lock

We have implemented new features in the editor that make it easier to add text, move around elements and manage your growing prezi while zooming and panning. Let’s see what’s new:

1. Move objects around simply by dragging them with your mouse. No need to click on them and use the Zebra.

2. Just click anywhere and start typing to add text. Double click still works, and is used to edit existing texts.

3. The “Escape” key of your keyboard just became smarter:

  • pressing esc while typing finishes the text edit session and closes the textbox.
  • pressing esc while the Zebra is over an object makes the Zebra disappear.

4. Lock elements with zooming (see the video below): as you zoom in and out and items get tiny or huge, they will fade out and get “locked”. They will behave like the background (you cannot drag them or select them but you can write on them). Unlocking is easy: just zoom to the opposite direction. Hitting the SHIFT key (for multiselect) or multiselect by the Zebra “+” menu option unlocks every object (locking is disabled in Show mode, you won’t see faded objects while presenting).

Prezi Meeting

You and your friends can now work together on the same prezi in real-time! With Prezi Meeting, teams can collaborate or simply present prezis with up to ten other people at one time from anywhere in the world. Prezi Meeting is included in all license types.

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