Navigating your prezi canvas

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Scrolling across your prezi canvas is easy. For the best experience, we recommend a scroll mouse or a trackpad which has the capability to scroll. Check out this tutorial to learn how to navigate around your canvas:

In Edit Mode

Drag (hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse) to:

  • Pan around your prezi canvas. Left-click and hold down the button anywhere on a blank part of your prezi canvas and as you do, you will see a small clenched fist icon appear.

Scroll (roll your scroll wheel up or down) to:

  • Zoom in and out of wherever you place your cursor. This means that you can hover over an object, roll up on your scroll wheel, and prezi will zoom in on that object. Roll down to zoom out and achieve the opposite effect. Alternating between zooming in and out while moving your cursor around is a good way to navigate your prezi canvas without the need for panning.

Use the zoom + and - buttons to:

  • Zoom in and out, this will give you exactly the same effect as using the scroll wheel. Prezi Classic will automatically zoom in on whatever is in the center of your screen at the time.

In Present mode

Click on any object to:

  • Zoom in to that object. Click on blocks of text, images, or frames, and Prezi Classic will zoom in on them. Prezi Classic will automatically zoom, pan, or rotate so that whatever you clicked on appears centered and fills your screen.

Click on your background to:

  • Zoom out. Prezi Classic will automatically zoom out to the nearest enclosing frame, if necessary it will also rotate and pan so that frame appears readable on your screen. If there isn't a frame to zoom out to, Prezi Classic will zoom to an overview - the same effect can be achieved by selecting the Home button (the house icon above the zoom buttons) on the right-edge of the screen.

Drag the cursor to:

  • Pan around your prezi canvas.

Scroll to:

  • Zoom in and out of wherever you place your cursor.

Use the zoom + and - buttons to: Zoom in and out.

REMEMBER: When in Present mode, the zoom menu (see picture above) will automatically disappear to give you a clear presenting view. Bring it back by hovering your mouse over the right edge of your screen.

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