Getting Started with Prezi Classic

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

This is a very exciting moment. You're about to create your first prezi. Check out the video for a quick overview, or look through the information below for hints and tips on creating your first zooming masterpiece.

Want more? See our video tutorial on creating your first prezi.

Starting from a template

When you create a prezi, you can choose from a number of reusable templates or a blank canvas. When you decide to use a template, you can edit everything you see on the canvas. You can also copy and paste content from other prezis or applications.

Click here for more on templates.

Getting around your prezi canvas couldn’t be easier.


This is a key feature of Prezi Classic, so naturally we made it simple. You can zoom in and out by using your mouse’s scroll wheel or by clicking the + and - symbols on the right of your screen.


To move your prezi canvas left, right, up, or down, hold down the left button of your mouse and then move in the direction you want to go.

To get an overview of everything you've added so far (both in “Edit” and “Present” mode), use the Home button on the right hand side of your screen. You can find it just above the zoom + and - buttons. Clicking the Home button before you start making a prezi will also ensure that you're starting from a centered overview.

Click here for more details on navigating your prezi canvas.

Adding text and images

Click anywhere and start typing to add text.

For more information on using text, click here.

Prezi Classic currently supports the Roman alphabet and Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean characters. For information on changing the language, please click here.

Select Insert from the top menu to start adding images from the web or your computer.

Click here for more information on adding images.

Getting to know the Transformation Tool

In Prezi Classic, the Transformation Tool is your best friend. Once you add anything to your canvas, click on it once to bring up the Transformation Tool. Now you can move, size, and rotate your content any way you like.

Click here for more on the transformation tool.

Framing your content

Frames are a signature part of Prezi Classic and a great way to manage your content. They work like slides and can be used to group your ideas. Use frames to create a placeholder in your prezi and then add content to them. You can change the color, shape, size, and position of a frame, and once you add a frame to your prezi’s canvas, all the content inside it will move, size, and rotate to your desire.

Creating frames

You can also use frames to add animation to your prezis.

Click here for more on frames or here for more on animation.

Customizing your prezi

Use the “Customize” sidebar to set the colors and fonts of your prezi.

You can also create branded Prezi Classic themes by adding your exact company colors to the wizard. Pro Plus, Pro, Edu Pro, Enjoy, and Edu Enjoy license holders can even add their own logo to a customized theme.

Click here for more on themes.

Inserting layouts

Prezi Classic has created both single and multi-frame layouts ready for you to drag and drop right onto your canvas. Just click Insert from the top menu and then make your selection.

Click here for more information on layouts.

Adding symbols and shapes

Click Insert and then select the “Symbols and shapes” icon at the top of the screen to add shapes, lines, arrows, and more to your prezi.

Insert rectangles, circles, and triangles to frame your content, or add symbols or drawings from a huge library to further enhance your prezi.

Click here for a great article on symbols and shapes.

Adding URLs to your prezi

To put live links into your prezi, copy and paste the desired URL into a text box. Then click away from the text box and your link will become active (you will see it automatically underline).

Click here for steps on putting in hyperlinks.

Editing your path

When presenting your ideas, it helps to have a clear narrative that takes your audience through your prezi. With the Left Sidebar, you can create a journey from one idea to the next. Edit your path and its points in “Edit” mode and take your audience along that path in “Present” mode.

To set your path, click the Edit Path on the left side of screen. Then click on the objects in your prezi canvas in the order you wish them to appear.

You can also use the sidebar to rearrange and delete path points or to zoom to a specific path point.

Click here for more on setting your path.

“Borrowing” from other prezis

On the Prezi Classic Explore page you can find loads of great prezis from which you can “borrow” content, animations, or even sound effects. Reusing content is a great way to get started with Prezi Classic and allows you to share your ideas more effectively.

To use content from another prezi, first select a reusable prezi you like from the Explore page, then click Save a Copy to place a copy of the prezi in your prezi dashboard. From here you can open the prezi and start adding your own content. Alternatively, cut and paste the elements you like into one of your own prezis.

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