How to extend your presentation with Prezi Next structures

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Have more to add to your presentation? While Prezi Classic has four frame types to choose from, Prezi Next uses topic and subtopic structures to organize your content. Topics show your big ideas, while subtopics contain details and build a conversation with your audience. Use structures to add depth to your presentation and keep content hidden until you zoom into the canvas.

The Prezi Next canvas

We took the popular zoomable canvas from Prezi Classic and added layers of depth that connects to your presentation’s structure. Topics lay on your presentation’s overview and display a customizable cover that can be easily edited. Content within each topic stays hidden until you zoom in to the canvas. When zooming, your screen automatically centers on objects and places in your structure. This way, your audience won’t lose their place when viewing your presentation by zooming to the wrong position.

The left sidebar

In Prezi Classic, the left sidebar displays the path your presentation takes on the canvas. In Prezi Next, the order of your topics and subtopics appear as thumbnails in the left sidebar and show the outline of your presentation. When you zoom in and out of your canvas, the left sidebar changes to show the current view of your structure.

Adding topics Prezi Next

To add another topic to the overview, simply click +Topic in the left sidebar and choose a topic type. The new topic will appear in the left sidebar and on your overview.

Topic types in Prezi Next

There are two types of topics you can choose from: planet and stack. Each type helps you present content in a distinct way.


Planets have subtopics that orbit the main idea and are best used to separate related content. Use planets to break your main idea into subtopics or add depth to your presentation.


Stacks contain pages of content that display separately and in order. This stacks your content within one subtopic and reveals it to your audience step by step.

Adding subtopics

When inside of a topic, click +Subtopic or +Page in the left sidebar to extend your presentation’s structure. The subtopic or page will appear as a new thumbnail in the left sidebar.

Adding depth to your canvas

Add depth to your structure by connecting multiple layers of subtopics that reveal when zooming in to your content. To deepen your subtopic structure, enter a planet subtopic and click +Subtopic. Then, choose planet as your topic type.

Reordering your structure

The outline of your presentation appears in the left sidebar. When you enter a topic or subtopic, the left sidebar changes to show the outline of the current view. You can reorder the outline of your structure by selecting a thumbnail and dragging it to a new position in the left sidebar.

Deleting topics and subtopics

You can delete a topic or subtopic by selecting it and pressing BACKSPACE/DELETE on your keyboard, or by using right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) and selecting “delete” from the context menu.

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