Prezi Classic, meet Prezi Next

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With a new name comes powerful new capabilities. Prezi Next raises the bar for presenting with a host of enhancements for creating and delivering your stellar presentations. We want to show you what we’ve updated and added since creating Prezi Classic, so here are the additions. While technology may change, great presentations will never go out of style.

Designed for conversational presenting

Prezi Next has a number of new features for creating stunning presentations that are designed for conversational presenting. This means you can adapt your delivery on the fly and easily jump to any point in your presentation for a more relevant and engaging experience. The streamlined platform is perfect for dynamic and nonlinear presenting to keeps your audience focused and your ideas more memorable.


Templates: Create from an array of new designer templates that are inspired from user feedback and industry use cases. Prezi Next templates are easily customizable and visually pop to make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

Editor: Prezi Next comes with an intuitively designed new editor for creating visual masterpieces. Similar to the transformation tool in Prezi Classic, you can easily edit and customize your content using enhanced toolbars and editing features.

Smart structures: There are two types of structures in Prezi Next that organize your content and form the storyline of your presentation: planet and stack. Both types have customizable covers and help you present content in a distinct way.

Planets have subtopics that orbit the main idea and are best used to separate related content. Use planets to break your main idea into subtopics or add depth to your presentation.

Stacks contain pages of content that display separately and in order. This means you can stack multiple layers of content within one subtopic and reveal it to your audience step by step.

Zoom to reveal: Zooming in reveals your content within levels of topic and subtopic structures. With the clean new design, content within structures remain hidden until you zoom in on your canvas. This allows you to reveal content to your audience at just the right moment to tell a more powerful story.

The left sidebar: Displays the order of your presentation’s structure and automatically updates as you navigate through your canvas. From here you can add new topics and subtopics or drag and drop the thumbnails to easily change their position.

Animations: Quickly access the animations sidebar to add and edit transitions between your content, including fade-out animation.


Conversational Presenting: Build a conversation with your audience and seamlessly navigate from point A to point B, or anywhere in between, to convey memorable and engaging presentations.

Presenter features: If your plan includes the Prezi Next desktop app, you can add presenter notes to specific areas of your presentation, then review them while presenting with presenter view. This is a separate screen specifically designed for presenting that features a timer, presenter notes, and a preview of your upcoming content.

Zooming: Scroll or click to smart zoom to content while navigating on the layered canvas. Your screen will automatically center on objects for smooth and clean presentation flow.


Prezi Analytics: Premium users can track viewing data in real time to see who opened a presentation and for how long. Viewing statistics allow you to pinpoint areas of a presentation that resonate most with your audience.

Additional features

Sharing: Depending on your plan, Prezi Next allows you to send trackable view links that can be deactivated at anytime, export your presentation to PDF, or create a standalone file of your presentation that’s viewable even without an internet connection.

Enhanced collaboration: If your team has a Prezi Business plan, collaborators can work together in real time while your progress automatically saves and syncs with the cloud. Team members can also add and reply to comments to make collaboration smooth and efficient.

Prezi Viewer: On the move? Present or view a presentation anytime, anywhere, with the Prezi Viewer mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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