A Guide to Popular Prezi Classic Presentations

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Countless new prezis are created on a wide range of topics by Prezi Classic users all over the world every day. The Popular section of our Explore page on prezi.com highlights the 15 prezis that are getting the most attention on any given day.

The prezis you see listed on the Popular page are there because they are getting a lot of views and a lot of Prezi Classic Likes. We also take into account the date when the prezi was created.

Popular prezis don’t get that way by themselves. It’s YOUR views and Likes that make them popular. Be sure to share any prezis you think are worthy with your friends and networks. Also be sure to Like the prezis you think deserve to be noticed.

To give your prezi Likes additional effect, we suggest that you connect your Prezi Classic account to Facebook and enable the sharing of your Likes. This way your friends on Facebook will be able to see the prezis you Like on prezi.com. You can connect Facebook when you Like a prezi by clicking Connect with Facebook that appears.

You can also connect Facebook and LinkedIn through your Prezi Classic Settings & Account page. Just go to the “Account” tab and click Connect next to the application icon.

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