Using Korean and Japanese fonts in Prezi Next

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Have something to say in Korean or Japanese? Prezi Next has you covered. You can easily change the font type to Korean and Japanese characters so you can keep adding your great ideas. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Note: Your computer’s operating system must have the keyboard set to a Korean or Japanese layout in order to type in either font type.

Creating and editing templates

Customizable templates in Prezi Next come predesigned with placeholders for your content. If your language is set to Korean or Japanese, these templates will automatically have the corresponding font type selected. If starting or editing a template created in another language, you can easily change the font type by updating the style preset.

Updating the style preset

You can also change the font to Korean or Japanese on multiple topic or subtopic covers.

  1. Click to select a topic or subtopic.
  2. Click the Topic cover settings icon in the context toolbar and select Custom, then click Edit cover content....
  3. Update the text to the Korean or Japanese font type in the context toolbar.
  4. Right-click or CTRL/CMD+click to open the context menu, then select Update style preset.
  5. The font will automatically update on your topic and subtopic covers.

Adding or editing text

  1. Click to select a text box. To add a new textbox, click T+ in the top toolbar or go to Insert > Text.
  2. In the context toolbar, select the Korean or Japanese font type from the dropdown menu.
  3. The text will automatically update to the new font.

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