Presenting Directly from a Browser

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Unfortunately, not all Internet browsers are designed with dual screens, projectors, and presentation remotes (clickers) in mind. While browsers and these items usually work great with Prezi Classic, if you plan on presenting your prezi directly from a browser there are some things to watch out for:

  • Make sure to enter Present Mode after you plug in your projector. Click Present in the top-left corner of the online editor.
  • It's usually best to resize browser windows to “small” before plugging in a projector, as the resolution change might make it hard to resize your browser window later.

Which browsers does Prezi Classic support?

The website supports all major modern browsers. Please make sure you are using the following version (or higher):

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Google Chrome 21
  • Safari 4.0
  • Internet Explorer 9

Note: Flash version 11.1 is required.

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