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When presenting your prezi, you can set it to play automatically with Prezi Classic’s Autoplay feature. You control the speed your prezi plays at by setting the time interval between path steps. The Autoplay feature will automatically put your prezi on a loop so your audience can enjoy it all over again.

Check out this tutorial to learn about using autoplay in Prezi Classic:

To start auto-playing and looping your Prezi Classic:

1. Create a Path within your prezi.

2. Enter Present mode, or exit your prezi.

3. Either way, click the cogwheel icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Select the desired time interval between path steps and then sit back and watch as your prezi starts playing.

Note: If you have a voiceover, you will see a play button appear and not the cogwheel as pictured here. Autoplay with voiceovers will be at 4-second intervals by default.

4. To stop your prezi from auto-playing, select the cogwheel icon again and click Off. Alternatively, you can click either the next or previous arrows at the bottom of your screen to disable autoplay. The same effect can be achieved by tapping either the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys on your keyboard.

The same steps can be taken to autoplay an embedded prezi.

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