Importing and Exporting a Presentation (PEZ) in Prezi Classic Desktop for Mac

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A prezi file (PEZ) is a downloaded prezi that can be used to work and share offline using Prezi Classic Desktop. You can import an already exported PEZ or export a PEZ from your prezi.

Using Windows? Check out our article for Prezi Classic Desktop for Windows here.

Prezi Classic files (PEZ) are great for working and storing offline. These files can be used only with Prezi Classic Desktop. Once a prezi file is created, it becomes a separate file that can be imported and exported to any computer using Prezi Classic’s desktop application. Creating a prezi file is also a great way to make an editable backup.

Importing a prezi file

There are two ways to import a prezi file. The easiest way is to find a downloaded prezi file (PEZ) in your computer and double-click it. It will automatically go to your “Local prezis” section.

To import a prezi file, you can also

  1. Go to File>Import (CMD+O) in the top toolbar.
  2. Locate the PEZ you want to import from your computer. Click it.
  3. Select Open.
  4. Your prezi file (PEZ) will automatically appear in your “Local prezis” section.

Files in your “Local prezis” section remain on your computer only. This means they are not stored in the cloud.

If you’d like to sync your imported prezi file with your online account, click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the prezi and select Move to Synced prezis.

Once you do so, the prezi can be found on the main page with your Synced prezis.

Exporting a prezi file (PEZ)

With Prezi Classic Desktop for Mac, you can export any prezi as a prezi file (PEZ) and view or edit it using Prezi Classic Desktop for either Windows or Mac. Exporting a prezi file is also great for making a backup of your work.

  1. Find the prezi you want to export. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the prezi.
  2. Select Export to prezi file (.pez).
  3. You will be prompted to name the file. Name your file and choose where you want to save it.
  4. Click Save.

You can also download a PEZ from your online account. To learn how to do so, check out our article.

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