The Spell-Checker

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Unfortunately, not everyone is a spelling bee champion, but with Prezi Classic's spell-checker feature, you needn't worry.

Note: The red line will only be visible in Edit mode. This means that if you have made any typos, they won't be highlighted when you present in Present mode.

If you want to change the language that the spell-checker is working in, simply type 10 words in that language.

How it works

In an open text box, you can right-click over the misspelled word and then choose from a list of suggestions to correct the misspelling.

You can turn the spell-checker off at any time, by right-clicking anywhere on the canvas and selecting “Turn spell-checker off.”

If you turn the spell-checker off, the editor will remember that you disabled the feature and won’t enable spell-checking for that particular prezi until you turn it back on. This applies even if you exit the prezi and open it again later.

Note: Prezi Classic's spell-checker currently supports U.S. English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.

Prezi Classic will automatically detect the language you are working in and only enable the spell-checker if a supported language is detected. However, it is possible to manually activate this feature at any time by right-clicking on any text box and selecting 'Turn spell-checker on'.

Prezi Classic first detects language based on your operating system language and then again after every ten words you add to a prezi. If Prezi Classic detects that you are working in a different language to your operating system based on what you have typed, the spell-checker will change to that language.

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