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This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Adding your text is very simple, but it can also be copied and pasted from other programs. Once you enter your text, use the text editor to add color, change font, add a background, and much more.

Adding text

In Edit mode, click anywhere on the canvas to add text. Then start writing. Your text will appear in a text box like the image below.

Changing the text size

In “Present” mode, Prezi Classic will zoom to the text box, not the text itself. Make sure you size your text accordingly. For example, if you want your text to fill the screen, make sure it is similar in size to its text box.

To change the size of the text, click and drag the circle in the lower right corner of the text box.

You can also size text using the buttons above the text box or the Transformation Tool.

Note: There are no numeric values attributed to text sizes in Prezi Classic.

Editing your text

You can change the font using the preset Title, Subtitle, and Body fonts or by manually choosing a font, as pictured below. Please note that only one font can be used per text box.

Click the B to make your text bold and the I to make your text italicized.

Click the text color icon to open the color palette. You can use multiple colors in a single text box.

You can also add a background color to your text. Please note that this color depends on the theme you have chosen.

With the text editor toolbar, you can also add bullets to your text, align text, add a background color to text, and indent lines of text.

You can also select single or multiple lines of text and drag them out of an existing text box. This will create a separate text box for the text

Deleting a text box

Some templates come with text boxes already added. To delete these, or any other unwanted text box, simply click on the box and press the DELETE key on your keyboard.

Editing shortcuts

These shortcuts may help while editing your text in Prezi Classic.

  • CTRL/CMD+A: select all
  • CTRL/CMD+C: copy
  • CTRL/CMD+X: cut
  • CTRL/CMD+V: paste
  • CTRL/CMD+Z: undo
  • CTRL/CMD+Y: redo

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