Using Symbols, Lines, and Shapes

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Graphics make your prezis more interesting. Luckily, Prezi Classic designers have worked hard to offer you a great selection to choose from. Add lines, arrows, and highlighting, and your prezi will be that much more fabulous.

Inserting symbols and shapes

  1. Click Insert from the top menu.
  2. Select Symbols & shapes... You’ll see a pop-out menu.
  3. Click on a style or the shapes category.
  4. Scroll to find a symbol you like or enter a search term.
  5. Double-click on the icon or shape or drag and drop it directly to the canvas.

Click the symbol to move, resize, or rotate. Click Delete or simply press the DELETE key to remove the symbol.

Editing shapes

Double-click a shape to bring up the color palette and thickness control. Use these buttons to change the color and shading of your shape.

Note: The thickness option is visible only in themes that contain shapes with borders. You can change themes from the “Customize” menu found at the top toolbar.

Design gurus can add specific changes to the color and border of a shape using the CSS editor.

Shapes behave like frames, so any object placed within a shape will be grouped with the shape. You can press the ALT key to remove an object or block of text from the grouping.

Using Lines and arrows

Lines and arrows help connect ideas, draw attention, and add design. They’re simple to add and you can change thickness and color.

Inserting lines and arrows

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Select Draw line or Draw arrow.
  3. Click anywhere on your canvas and hold the mouse button.
  4. While holding the mouse button, drag your mouse to draw the line. If you don’t have a mouse, click and hold then move a finger across the trackpad.
  5. Release to stop drawing your line.

Editing lines and arrows

You can edit the color and thickness of a line or arrow.

  1. Click the line or arrow to bring up three points and the editor.
  2. Click the far left buttons to adjust the thickness.
  3. Click the colored box to bring up the color palette and change the color.

To make an arrow curve, simply click on it to bring up three points. Drag the center point to add your curve.

Using the highlighter

The highlighter can be used to highlight or freehand draw. Colors will appear translucent on your prezi.

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Select Highlighter.
  3. While holding the mouse button, drag your mouse to highlight or draw. If you don’t have a mouse, click and hold then move a finger across the trackpad.
  4. Release to stop highlighting or drawing.

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