Setting Your Path (Working with Frames)

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

When presenting on a stage, it can help to have a narrative that carries your audience through your prezi. With the Path Tool, you can present the elements in your prezi in an order that you set. Check out the tutorial to learn how you can create your path.

Creating a path

In Edit Mode, click the “Home” button located on the right side of your canvas or zoom out until you see the objects you wish to add to your path. Click Edit Path on the left sidebar.

Click on your objects in the order you wish to present them, and a thumbnail will be added to the left sidebar.

To delete a path step, hover over the top-right edge of a thumbnail to bring up a red “X” button. Click on it to remove that path point.

Drag and drop your thumbnails into the sidebar to rearrange the order of your path. Choose Add Current View to capture the current screen view and add it to the end of your path. To remove all path points from your narrative, select Clear All.

You can also add objects to your path at by clicking and dragging the relevant “+” icon onto the object you want to add to your path. This icon can be seen only after clicking Edit Path and will appear beside the numbers that represent the steps of your path.

If you want to make an area the second step on your path, click and drag the “+” icon that is located after the “1” that appears on your canvas. To make an item the third step, drag the “+” icon next to the number 2 and so on. You can edit this path at any time, so if you decide to change the order, you can.

Editing your path

You can edit your path in “Edit” Mode. Just click Edit Path. You can rearrange the order of your path steps simply by click on a particular path step and moving it to the desired location.

To add a new frame as a path step, select an individual frame type from the left sidebar and drag it to the canvas. This will also automatically add a new path step to your prezi.

You can also add frames with preset layouts to help organize your information. Click Insert from the top menu and then select Layouts....

To delete a path step, hover over it and a red “X” will appear. Click on it to remove that path point.

If you’d like to add sound such as background music or a voice over to your path step, you can. Check out our article on adding sound to learn how. When you’re finished editing your path, click Done located in the upper right corner of your canvas.

For more ideas on how you can edit your prezi, check out the “Creating” section of our Knowledge Base.


Click Present to view your path in full in “Present” Mode.

In “Present” Mode, you can click the left and right arrows at the base of your screen, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your keyboard, or use a presentation remote (clicker) to move back and forth through your prezi path. Depart from your path at any time by either zooming in and out or by panning across your canvas. Resume your path by clicking an arrow, tapping a key, or pushing the appropriate button on your remote presenter (clicker).

Note: If you create a new frame within another frame that is already part of your path, the new frame will also be added to your path.

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