Layering and Positioning Objects

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

With Prezi Classic, it's a snap! Moving and positioning is done with the Transformation Tool. Watch the video to see how it works.

Getting objects to be the same size

If you want to have two frames, pictures, text boxes, or videos to be the same size, you can use Prezi Classic's cool duplicate feature. Simple select the object you want to make a copy of and press CTRL/CMD+D and a second identical object will appear. Make sure you have the keyboard shortcuts enabled.

Aligning objects

How do you know if they are at the same angle of rotation? Are your objects and text perfectly aligned? Don't worry, Prezi Classic's snap function answers all of these questions for you.

As you move, size, and rotate your images, frames, text, and shapes around your prezi canvas, they will automatically snap into position relative to the other items around them. You'll see a blue and white outline appear around objects of similar size, angle, and rotation as you position them, which helps you to know that they are snapped into position.

You will also see a dotted blue line appear as you snap text and images into alignment. This line helps you to see exactly what you're aligning to.

Layering Objects

To position elements of your prezi in front or behind other content, right-click on the element that you want to position and choose from the following options.

The Right Click Menu

For Macs, CTRL+click will also bring up this menu.

  • Bring Forward: bring the selected object one step forward. The object that your selected object will swap places with will fade so that you can see what effect moving your object forward will have.
  • Bring to Front: bring the selected object to the front. All objects that the your selected object will swap places with will fade.
  • Send Backward: send the selected object one step backward. The object that your selected object will swap places with will fade.
  • Send to Back: send the selected object to the back of your prezi behind all other objects.

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