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Multiple items of content can easily be grouped together in your prezi. This allows you to select objects regardless of their position within your prezi, which is particularly useful when you want to edit the position of content that is in different frames.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to group your content:

Grouping content

1. Select an object you wish to add to a group, then hold down the CTRL (CMD on Macs) key and click on all other objects you wish to add to the group. Alternatively, you can select all of the content in a certain area by holding the SHIFT key and the left mouse button and then dragging around the objects you wish to group together.

2. Release the left mouse button, and the Transformation Tool will appear. You can now size, move, and rotate the selection in any way you want. Note: this will only temporarily group the objects together, if you click anywhere away from the selection, all the objects within it will no longer be grouped together. To permanently group the objects together, move to step 3.

3. Click the “Group” button that appears. You will see the icon change when the objects have been successfully grouped.

  • When you hover over a group, a blue frame will outline all the content within the group.

  • To ungroup, first select the group, then click the 'Ungroup' button (or right click and select Ungroup).

Note: If a group is added to your path, ungrouping it will remove it from your path.

Grouping objects using frames

If you place your objects in a frame they will group together and you can move, size, and rotate them as one.

Moving, scaling, and rotating frames and their contents:

  1. Moving/scaling/rotating a frame will move/scale/rotate the contents of that frame.
  2. To remove an object from a frame, drag the object out of the frame at any time.
  3. Hold the ALT key and click a frame to move, scale, or rotate it separately from its grouped contents.
  4. Double-clicking on a frame will show four control points. Use these to change the size of the frame by clicking and dragging.

Invisible frames

Use invisible frames to organize your content without the added visual of a normal frame. This is ideal for highlighting details on a large image, or block of text. This makes invisible frames really useful if you want to present your prezi without setting a predefined path.

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