Fade-in Animation

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Prezi Classic has an animation feature that allows you to fade content into your prezi. This feature allows each animated element to fade in as you move through the path of your prezi. Check out this video to learn how to use fade-in animation.

To fade in elements

Elements must be placed within a frame to use fade-in animation.

In Edit Mode, click Edit Path on the left-hand side of the Prezi Classic editor.

Click the blue star symbol at the left of the frame that you want to animate, and the animation wizard will appear.

Hover over the object that you want to fade in, and click to apply the fade-in effect. A green star and number will appear at the left of the element. This number corresponds to the order you want the elements to fade in.

For a preview of how your objects fade in, click the Play icon located at the upper right of the animation wizard window.

To remove the fade-in effect from a particular object, hover over the green star. The star will become a red “X.” Click on it to remove it from the order. If you are not happy with the fade-in order, click Reset at the upper left corner of the animation wizard window to remove all animations from your chosen frame.

When you are happy with your fade-in animation, click Done in the upper right corner.

Note: You can fade in multiple items of content at once if you place them in a group. However, if you later group new content with any of the elements that you have previously animated, the new content will not fade in using those elements.

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