This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Every prezi starts with an empty zoomable 3D canvas just waiting for all of your great ideas. But just because it's empty, doesn't mean that it has to be white.

Changing your background

  1. Click Customize from the top menu to get the Customize sidebar.
  2. Here you can choose a different color or add a background image. You can also select a theme.
  3. To upload a background image, click Choose file… and locate the image file you’d like to add to your background.
    Note: Prezi Classic currently supports JPG and PNG formats. For best results, images should be 3000 pixels wide.
  4. Close the sidebar by clicking “X” when you’re done. You can always go back and edit your background using the Customize sidebar.

Setting a specific background color

If you don’t want to choose from Prezi Classic’s preset themes or color palette, you can choose specific colors using the Theme Wizard.

To set a specific background color

  1. In the Customize sidebar, scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced to open the Theme Wizard.
  2. Here you can enter the RGB codes of the specific color you would like. By searching “RGB codes” on the Internet, you can find tables and guides featuring color codes.
  3. Once you enter the codes into the fields, click Done.

Erasing a background image

If you choose a template with a background image, or you upload one and would like to erase it, it’s easy.

To erase a background image

  1. Click Customize from the top menu to get the Customize sidebar. You’ll see the background and image at the top.
  2. Simply click on the trash icon to erase the image.

    Please note that sometimes not all elements can be erased from a template background. In the image below, the clouds are erased, but the blossoms remain.
  3. To undo the erasure, click the “undo” arrow icon located in the upper left side of the top menu or simply press CTRL/CMD+Z on your keyboard.

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