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How are my presentations stored on Prezi Classic servers?

Presentations are stored on a distributed data storage.

Where are your servers physically located?

The storage servers are in Dallas, Texas. We are also running services on Amazon Web Services in parts of the east and west of the US and some regions within Europe.

What security measures do you have to discover breaches or unauthorized access to private prezis?

If we receive a report about a possible data breach, we investigate and act immediately.

How can I be sure, that no one can accidentally view or access my online prezis?

If you have a Pro, Edu Pro, Enjoy, or Edu Enjoy license and selected a prezi to be private, the prezi will not appear on our Explore page and the will only be visible to those whom you explicitly invite.

How can I be sure, that my documents are not viewable by the public, unless I specifically choose to do so?

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it as stated in our privacy policy.

My presentations are highly confidential. How can you guarantee they stay private?

We understand, that while providing reasonable security, some companies and individuals might feel uncomfortable storing their confidential data online. In this case, we recommend using Prezi Classic Desktop, so you can store all your presentations on your computer or local network.

If I leave Prezi Classic running in the background, will you log me out?

Yes, after three (3) days.

Prezi Classic Desktop

Can Prezi Classic Desktop be used without being connected to the Internet?

Yes, it can. Prezi Classic Desktop needs to be connected to the Internet once for activation, after that no connection is required until your license expires and you are required to reactivate your copy.

Can prezis be created with Prezi Classic Desktop and never be stored in the cloud?

Yes. You can create a prezi in Prezi Classic Desktop and store it locally on your computer. Check out our articles for Windows here and for Mac here.

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