Is My Prezi Classic Presentation Safe and Secure?

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

Here at Prezi we understand that your prezis are important to you. We also understand that for many storing information online in the 'cloud' is something quite new. As a result, we take the security of your prezis very seriously.

For detailed answers to specific questions on our security measures and policy, please read our Security FAQ.

The safest way to keep your prezi secure is to use Prezi Classic Desktop, which comes as part of the Pro and EDU Pro license plans.

We take various measures to keep all online content secure. These include encrypted (SSL) connections, Amazon AWSfor back end storage, hashed and salted passwords, random Prezi Classic IDs, random invite keys, etc.

Please remember that Prezi Classic is primarily an online service and so the security of your account and data depend on your choice of password as well as keeping your login data confidential.

Security and Prezi Classic for Windows/Mac:

Prezi Classic for Windows/Mac is a Pro feature that requires an Internet connection to download and activate. Activation is required after download and upon renewal, but after activation is complete, it is possible to work on your prezis without accessing the internet.

Prezi Classic for Windows/Mac provides extra security and privacy options. It does not upload any content unless you specifically request it. For example, if you insert media files that are not in Flash format, they are sent to our servers for conversion and then downloaded back to the Prezi Classic for Windows/Mac editor. It is important to note that while it is possible to stay 100% offline with Prezi Classic for Windows/Mac, if you embed online content (such as a YouTube video), this content will not play without an active internet connection.

After creating a prezi with the Prezi Classic desktop application, it only uploads to if you select 'Sync with' after clicking the options button that appears on the thumbnail of your prezi in the 'Only on computer' section of the application's home screen.

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