Downloading an Invoice

This support page is about Prezi Classic. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Next, please click here.

After you sign up for your life-changing Prezi Classic Enjoy, Pro, or Edu Pro plan, you will automatically be emailed an invoice for your purchase. If for any reason you cannot access the emailed invoice, you can download an invoice for payments made to Prezi Classic from the Settings page. If you’re not sure what plan you signed up for, you can check on the “Settings” page or contact us at

Note: If you’ve signed up for a plan with a trial, you will not be charged until the end of your trial period. Thus, it is not possible to download an invoice until your trial period has ended and your credit card has successfully been charged.

The first time you download an invoice, you have to fill in your billing information. Once you have input all of the requested information and you double check that it is correct, click Continue.

This must be repeated for every purchase. This means every time you renew your license, you will have to update your information before you can download your invoice.

Downloading an invoice

  1. Go to your Settings & Account page.
  2. Select the “License” tab.
  3. Under “Payment,” you’ll see your payment info and billing history. Find the date of the invoice you’d like to download.
  4. Click on the PDF and you’ll be taken to a screen to fill out your billing information. This information can only be changed when you get a new license or renew an existing one.
  5. Click Continue after you’ve completed the form. Make sure you fill in your information carefully, as once you continue, you will not be able to change the information.

Requesting a refund

Please Note: If you haven’t used your Prezi subscription, you can request a one-time refund within 14 days of purchase.

You can submit a refund request by clicking here. When submitting your request, we will ask you to provide certain details for verification. If more information is needed, an expert from our Payments Team will review your request and contact you with a solution via email.

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