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North Korea

No description

Ralph Xu

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of North Korea

North Korea The Nation
Struggling Under Leadership Directed By Ralph Xu Kim Jong-un Timeline International Concerns Effects On Neighboring Countries Kim Jong-un the "Dear Leader" Topics Little Political And Militiary Experience Inherited Presidency from His Father Resemblance to North Korea Founder Superiority in Military Technology Policies And Government: Future The Korea Empire governed the Korean peninsula Early 20th century Divided into two parts 1945 World War II 1939~1945 Ruled by Japan Korea War 1950 Democratic People's Republic of Korea Republic of Korea N S Korea Armistice Agreement 1953 Juche North Korea Famine 1994~1998 Cult of Personality Songun Effects on Neighboring Countries Defectors Desert Thailand Lao North Korea South Korea Japan Mainland China Border Mongolia Caught by Chinese Officials Concerns: Human Trafficking Reported by Chinese Citizens Slaves/Servants Brides Border Border Border Border Border Border Special Prison For North Korean Defectors North Korean Concentration Camps Commit Their Crimes Recognize the Refugee Status Welcome North Korean Refugees Tortured July 8th 1994 -- Dec. 17th 2011 Sep. 9th 1949 -- July 8th 1994 Kim Il Sung Dictation Period Freedom Better Food Allowance .
. International Concerns: North Korea Nuclear Power 1974 Joined in International Atomic Energy Agency First: July 5th 2006 Taepodong-2 Missile NoDong Missile Scud Missile 1st Subsurface Nuclear Explosion October 7th Second: May 25th 2009 Nuclear Expirement Third: Feb. 12th 2013 Nuclear Expirement Kim Jong-il Dictation Period Kim Jong-un Dictation Period Revolt against the Regime Lack of Democracy Affected by China The Future of North Korea Young Leader
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