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Sister Callista Roy

No description

Maggie McCallum

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Sister Callista Roy

Blaire & Maggie Sister Callista Roy Born in Los Angles (1939)
Earned her Bachelor of Arts in Nursing at Mount St. Mary's College (1963)
Earned a Masters degree in Pediatric Nursing (1966)
Earned a Masters degree in Sociology (1973)
Earned her Doctoral degree in Sociology (1977) Early Life Psychological needs
Self Concept
Role Function
Interdependence Roy's Adaption Model References Roy's Major Concepts Adaption - Goal of Nursing
Person - Adaptive System
Environment - Stimuli
Health - Outcome of adaption
Nursing - Promoting adaptation and health Four Adaptive Modes: The Nursing Theorists Portraits of Excellence: Sr. Callista Roy (1997). FITNE, Inc.

Nursing Theories: A Companion to nursing theories and models (2012). Retrieved Oct 26, 2012. from http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/Roy_adaptation_model.html

Nursing Theory -Sister Callista Roy (2011). Retrieved October 30,2012, from http://nursing-theory.org/nursing-theorists/Sister-Callista-Roy.php

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