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Introduction to Education

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Elizabeth Bumpus

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Education

My Introduction to the Teaching Field
Interviews with Teachers: How the Role has Changed
My Journey So Far..
"If all you had to do is teach, that would be great! Now, you have to be a parent and teach, which is really hard if you have to come home to your own kids at the end of the day."
"With so many homes where both parents are working, children are not receiving the core discipline at home, making it harder for teachers to manage their classes. So good classroom management is a must!"
"Today's students are not the same. They have a way more busy lifestyle, as they are involved in a number of different things so they have no down time. 45min periods are hard to teach everything."
Even though the school has mostly plain white walls, it was kept clean and was a buzz of active energy! The students filled the hallways with shatter and excitement as they moved to each of their classes. Most of the students and teachers appeared happy and expressed energy and excitement to start the day. Although around the end of the day, everyone appeared exhausted.
I felt very welcomed at the school! The assistant principal and office staff made sure that I was well taken care of. Most of the teachers were very friendly and enjoyed having me observe their class! They would usually introduce me at the beginning as a "special guest" to the students.
Classroom Procedures
Near their door, a series of trays to turn in homework
Hanging file organizers that kept the different handouts needed for class separated
PA system-students fill out a handout for that day’s lab while they listened
Students worked on a designated assignment quietly at the beginning of class so the teacher could take attendance
A teacher stamped homework that students showed them for a completion grade
A teacher put duck tape "flags" on her pencils so that she could easily identify them after students borrowed them
Rapport with Students
Students love the teachers that show that they care and respect the student
. One of the teachers I observed was a favorite among the eighth graders. As I observed his class, I saw how this white male teacher treated each of the different ethnicity students with respect and equality. He would say, “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’m” when working with the students and also treated them like an adult. He had an
easily approachable attitude and never used a stern voice.
Most of all, these students felt
around him and felt like he was a father figure to them.
I saw in most of the younger teachers a
genuine care and warmth for the students
, while in the older teachers, a more
motherly attitude
The students could tell if the teacher really cared, and felt the closest to them
Field Experiences
I was so happy to see teachers that displayed good classroom management as this is a struggle for me. I saw that staying on top of the class and responding immediately, helped prevent larger problems and tells the class that the teacher is alert and aware. I also enjoyed seeing the students become engaged in the different learning methods and turning certain lessons into games. Although, I see the importance of patience in the classroom, not letting students "push your buttons", and creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, which promotes student-teacher trust.
The Field of Teaching
The more I see and interact with junior high students, the more I look forward to teaching them! These students are old enough to understand deeper concepts than elementary, but still warm at heart to come talk to you about something. Also, the more I grow in learning about teaching, the more I see it fits who I am and and the more passionate and EXCITED I get to teach!
Something New..
Some of the best advice I learned
came from reading Johnathan Kozol's book, "Letters to a Young Teacher." This book radically changed my thinking on the politics of teaching and how to become a great teacher by understanding the heart of what teaching is all about. I have seen what a gem of truth teaching books can be, so I will continue to read similar books to aid me in my journey.
The Atmosphere of the School
If the teachers sensed that someone was about to start misbehaving, they would correct it immediately. Staying alert and on top of the student’s behavior, proved be to be the best solution to maintain order.
One teacher’s class had just come back from lunch and was going crazy. She went over to the door and turned off the lights to get everyone’s attention. The teacher waited till everyone settled down and until she regained control of the class. Even though this took several minutes at the beginning of class, the teacher was able to teach undisturbed the rest of class.
In lab, some science students started to goof off, which caused the teacher to remind them of her policy that they would be removed from the room and have a zero for lab that day unless they changed their behavior.
One teacher had a couple of children that continually misbehaved. One of them she moved near her desk to be in clear view, and the others she took them into the hall to have a private discussion.
Classroom Management
Differentiated Instruction

Visual learners
: images, handouts to read, videos
Auditory learners
: lectures
: demonstrations in lab, white boards, games,
Special ed students
: wear voice amplifier, work with assistant, make sure that the student(s) understood
tutoring help after school
AP students
-faster, more challenging
Regular students
_ patient, slower, more guided instruction
Need still..
I struggle with setting good boundaries, which is part of
good classroom management
, as it is often hard for me to say "no"-start applying and learning them now in my daily life.

I always help out but do not take leadership positions,
so I am not well experienced in leading a class
- plan and lead a class in children's church once a month

Need to be more
confident and assertive
- change my everyday mindsets about myself and others
"There is more accountability and higher standards which makes it more difficult to focus just on teaching, as we have more paper work to do besides all the lesson plans we are preparing and grading."
Teachers today need to have a firm grasp on good class management skills and be great at staying organized and efficient to be an effective teacher.
Elizabeth Bumpus Fall 2013
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