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Y1 organicGeometric

No description

rob van der ven

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Y1 organicGeometric

Visual Aspects
- Colour
- Light
- Composition

- Space
- Texture

- Shape
Geometric vs Organic
2D: - Square
- Rectangle
- Circle
- Triangle
- ....

3D: - Cube
- Beam
- Sphere
- Cilinder
- Cone
- Piramid
- .....
Most organic forms are indescribable.
Because of their free, unorganized, chaotic structure.
Or curved, bend, flowing surfaces combined with complex and intricate structures.
Alien Assignment
- get a piece of paper
- design/draw 3 organic aliens
- design/draw 3 geometric aliens
- colour them in (3 colours total)
- Combine 1 organic with 1 geometric alien
- Make them interact
- Cut them out of coloured paper
(3 coulours 2 for the organic+ 2for the geometric alien)
- Glue the cut out pieces on a black sheet of paper
- Use (max 2) colour crayons to create an environment.
Show the difference between an alien from the planet Organix and the planet Geometrix.

Do make sure however the relate to each other. So show their friendship, or hatred.
Are they the same size ??

The assignments will be marked for:
- working according the assignment
- coming up with original aliens
- neat execution
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