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Population Characteristics - Net Migration

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Andrew Yaroshenko

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of Population Characteristics - Net Migration

Net Migration Definition:
The difference between the number
of people who enter a country (immigrants)
and the number who leave it (emigrants) In my own words:
The difference between the
number of people entering
a country and leaving it Statistics for Canada:
5.65 migrants/1 600 population
(2011 estimate) country comparison
to the world: 15 Statistics for Pakistan:
-2.17 migrants/1 000 population (2011 estimate) country comparison to the world: 167 Quality of life for Canada:
-A positive number for a migration means that the country is successfully attracting people
-This means that Canada may be attracting people with advanced healthcare and medical care
-Positive migration rates mean that job opportunities are being made in Canada
-positive migration rates show that Canada has better standards and oppurtunitities for immmmigrants
-A high world ranking in migration shows that Canada is overall a prefered choice for migrants and therefore has higher living standards than those countries from which these people migrated Quality of Life for Pakistan:
-A negative number for migration means that people are leaving Packistan and it is not attracting migrants
- This shows that Pakistan may have worse or lower quality health facilities and medical care
-Negative rates for migration show that there are less job opportunities for migrants than in other countries
-A low rate in migration indicates that Pakistan is not a migrant welcoming nation and therefore has more emigrants than immigrants
-Since more people are leaving Pakistan that entering it, it is shown that it has low living conditions for its inhabitants and that they are trying to escape the country for a better one
-A low world ranking in migration shows that Pakistan is not an attracting choice for immigrants and instead has people leaving the country, indicating that its living standards overall are low compared to other countries
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