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Interviewing an Entrepreneur Assignment

No description

Nolan Galbraith

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Interviewing an Entrepreneur Assignment

Nolan Galbraith Who did you interview?

For my Interviewing an Entrepreneur Assignment I chose to interview Steve Dupras the co-owner of Turn Street Food. Steve owns a food truck business opening up in Ottawa. What is their business? The business involves a mobile food truck that is equipped with a full kitchen serving gourmet street food through out the streets of Ottawa. Apart from serving the regular chips and hot dogs the truck will be serving rotisserie chicken and numerous other healthy meals. All of the food that Turn serves will be locally sourced and extremely fresh. The reason for the truck being gourmet was Steve wanted to get off the beaten track of burgers and fries and serve people a food they would enjoy and not feel guilty about eating. Do they provide a service or goods? Turn food truck provides goods and service. They prepare healthy gourmet dishes on site and service clients right form the truck. Where are they located? Turn food trucks has applied for a city license to operate downtown but will also be mobile and serve clients throughout the city of Ottawa. They also have a small warehouse and office in which to do their administration and house their goods and supplies. The warehouse iis located at City Center off Albert St. How many employees do they have? As a food truck only needs limited workforce to operate only three people will work from the truck. Two chefs will prepare the food while a third person takes orders and payment. There will also be a part time book keeper to help administratively. 6.What is their average day/ week/ month/ year like? The average day for the food truck consists of preparation of food items in the morning and constant cooking and cleaning throughout the day. At the end of each week bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and banking are required. At the end of each month service to the truck the purchasing of supplies and changing the menu. At the end of each year the business plan entails a complete reconciliation to determine if the business is on track. What is the best part about running their own business? The best part of running your own business is the freedom to create your own ideas, and put them into practice. As an entrepreneur you can try new things and you have total control over your destiny and future success or failure. It is completely dependent on your actions and decisions whether or not you succeed or fail. What do they like the least? The long hours and monetary risk. Also having to make every single decision can be stressful. The long hours every day means that you cant spend a lot of time with your friends and family. What else have they done besides being an entrepreneur? Steve has worked in a bakery, a web design firm and he has also drove a taxi cab, in the past. He does have some culinary experience and has been a part time chef cooking at parties and small events. Have they run any other businesses? If so which ones? Do they still run them? Steve has been the part time owner of a bakery but it closed due to local bylaws became to restrictive. Would they recommend entrepreneurship? Steve says he would definitely recommend entrepreneurship because you are your own boss and you can change your business into whatever you believe will make you successful. Even though there are lots of risks involved in owning a business because your doing something you love Steve believes that it is worth it. Why did I chose Steve I chose Steve because he is my dads friends brother and has been a close family friend for quite a while now. I have also applied for a job at the food truck and am still waiting for a reply.

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