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Copy of Anti-Drug High School

No description

Jorge Balbuena Cantero

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Anti-Drug High School

Expulsion of Drug Use
in High School
The Problem
The Effects
86% of students say that peers use alcohol, tobacco, or some other wrongful substance during the school day.
Optional Solutions
Ultimate Solution
Adult Aid
Student Involvement
Matt Ahlstrom, Sean Miller, Alex Stack, Josh Werns, and Luke Zottola
The drug problem at the high school
level needs to be addressed.
Split class into 80% / 20%
There is a drug problem in Franklin Regional
It is possible to stop it
Using Franklin Regional High School as a model
Any of these solutions are arguably ways to stop drug use in schools, but the best solution for this problem is to combine them together.
Ever known someone who has had their life affected by drug use?
What is the ultimate combination? How would these solutions even work?
Drug tests?
Dog searches?
Over 65% have used alcohol; 32% weed; over 40% other drugs (cocaine; ecstasy; etc.)
Recreational drug use minus alcohol has increased in the past years
Suburban, rural, and urban areas affected
This extensive use of drugs has horrible effects on the body
Drug use also effects the parents and community negatively
Students getting and using these drugs all across the community
Guest speakers?
Teacher training?
How would a combination of programs stop things?
Cost Efficience
"Scare Tactics"
Security Vs. Privacy
Legal Issues
Step 1: Where does the funding come from?
What expenses are included in the plan?
How can this spending be effective?
Step 5:Involvement of staff
Step 6: Parent's education
Step 7: Better inform High Schoolers
Step 8: What ideas can be added to early education to help future teens?
The drug problem in Franklin Regional needs to be attended to
Ask %80 of class to stand back up
Effects of drug problem
Thank you for being attentive,
we will be happy to take your
questions at this time
Teachers and Councelors
Photo courtesy of Alex Stack
Conclusion- personal, health, and community effects.
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Step 2: Drug Testing
Step 3: Drug Searches
Step 4: Speakers
Dog Searches
School Awareness
Drug Searches
Stricter Laws
One and Done
Direct Parental
Future Habbits
- Bad grades
- bad behavior
-Future actions.
Health effects
-cardiovascular disease
- lung disease
-where it takes place
-trust issues
-bad reputation.
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