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The Handmaid's Tale

No description

Anastasia S

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale, Part X Soul Scrolls Summary Chapters 25 to 29 Chapter 25 In morning, Cora finds Offred sleeping on the floor

Offred continues seeing the commander

Offred questions her role in the Commander's life Chapter 26 Offred is embarrassed during the Ceremony

Offred considers Serena's position

"For the generations that come after, Aunt Lydia said, it will be so much better."

"The fact is that I'm his mistress" Chapter 27 Offred and Ofglen walk to Soul Scrolls

Offred and Ofglen talk openly for the first time
" 'Do you think God listens,' she says, 'to these machines?' "

Ofglen reveals the resistance
Another man on the street is taken away Chapter 28 Reflection on the past

Women losing rights; Offred losing her job

Moira, jobs, working

Offred questions Luke’s opinion of her Chapter 29 Offred continues seeing the Commander

She probes him for information

Offred learns the true origins of the phrase, "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum"

Offred wants to know "what is going on" Themes Themes found in Soul Scrolls Fundamentalism goes too far Language is power Religion is a pool for power Humans oppose their circumstances regardless of their circumstances. Major Motifs Chapters 25 to 29 the fragility of trust oppression vs. protection of women hope from the past desire for human pleasures complacency with small incentives Narrative Technique Chapters 25 to 29 Figurative Lanugage Chapters 25 to 29 “Among the sharp R’s and T’s, sliding over the ovoid vowels as if on pebbles” (193) “When there’s someone hanging on it at least you know the worst. But vacant, it is also potential, like a storm approaching.” (207) “The Library is like a temple.” (208) “I suppose it’s faith, of a kind. Like Tibetan prayer wheels.” (210) “The sexual act, although he performed it in a perfunctory way, must have been largely unconscious, for him, like scratching himself.” (200) SIMILIES “It was like being on an operating table.” (201) Tone anxious



regretful Symbols flowers

words and literature


magazines Diction Atwood's Words Atwood's Words rendezvous, terraces (p. 190)

Scrabble words: Prolix, quartz, quandary, sylph, rhythm (p.193)

Copulation, fertilization, indecorous (p.201)

ignominious (p.204)

shatterproof (p.209)

"Saint Serena" (p.189) Suspense unpredictable opening scenes

vague descriptions "Something is happening: there’s a commotion, a flurry among the shoals of cars." "I guess that was how they were able to do it, in the way they did, all at once, without anyone knowing beforehand." Imagery Flowers

Old apartment

Commander's office

Soul Scrolls Symbolism animal symbolism “He dangled it before me like fish bait” (194) “I feel as if somebody cut off my feet” (225) “He’s only my flag, my semaphore” (228) first person point of view interior monologue flashbacks biblical allusions Offred's fascination with words repetitive questioning “He dangled it before me like fish bait” “I feel as if somebody cut off my feet” “He’s only my flag, my semaphore” Character Development Offred



Serena Joy Commander


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