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Senior Project

by Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Senior Project

Hello, I'm Brandon Scott and this is my mission On november 1st, 2010 I decided I wanted to make a difference with my senior project So I called Stop Hunger Now, and from there, I worked to feed over 7500 people in desperate need of food To achieve my goals, I needed four things... Volunteers To host a Packaging Event, you must bring 30 to 40 volunteers to the packaging location on one day, and this in itself was a task of its own. I contacted clubs and organizations, along with friends and family to assist me with my event. During the process, I kept all of the contact info of every person planning on coming to the event, and regularly reminded them of the packaging day until the morning of the event.

An Idea Funding Teamwork and Speaking Skill Along with the event, I also had my required paper. Since I now knew the importance of stopping the spread of starvation, I thought to start right here in the United States.
Our welfare system in the United States is outdated. With millions of dollars each year wasted on fraudulent spending, system oversight, and cases of cheating the welfare system, the United States needs to streamline and authenticate the process of welfare. In doing so, this will create millions of dollars that can be used to feed those who cannot feed themselves, alleviating a part of the hunger problem faced now by hundreds of thousands of children and adults in America. Overall, I feel this project has made me grow not only as a student, but as a human.
My friends, family and I came together to make a difference in the world, showing that not only can a small group make a difference, but they can even save lives.
First came my Idea... I decided, after hearing about Stop Hunger Now through a friend, that I would host a Packaging Event But to host this packaging event, I encountered two main obstacles. VOLUNTEERS AND FUNDING And this brings me to my first requirement for the event: Volunteers next however, came the hard part... The Funds. The day of the event, getting everyone to the event was not easy, but controlling and applying the personnel there was another task itself. Luckily, Clark Mandigo, the Stop Hunger Now coordinator showed everyone the ropes, and soon we were underway with the event. To keep it simple, there is a very organized process in the packaging event. First, take a scoop of rice and place it in the bag. Next, take a vitamin tablet and place it in the bag. After that, put the vegatables in the bag with the rice and vitamin tablet. Next, weigh the bag, to make sure the amount of rice is just right Last, seal the bag with the hot press and then send it off to be shipped, It's that easy Throughout the day, I had to keep everyone organized, and keep everyone working towards our goal. At the end of the two hours, we were tired, but the event was done, and 7500 people would be able to eat, easing the impact of starvation worldwide, even if only a small part. During the duration of my senior project, I faced obstacles and challenges that I had to overcome. 1. Work Ethic 2. Public Speaking Skill 3. Boredom 4. Time Management 5. Volunteer Communication Questions? Without these necessary changes to our Welfare System. The United States will continue to deem it ok for its own system to be cheated, all the while losing millions of dollars that could be currently saving lives right here at home. In order to host these events, one must raise the funds necessary to purchase
the supplies for the meals, since the meals cost 25 cents each to purchase unpacked.
This was by far the hardest part of my project, as nobody wants to give up their hard
earned cash. I wrote letters, appraoched businesses, sent hundreds of emails, and
even hosted a raffle at an art fair in order to achieve my goals. I ended up raising close to two thousand
dollars for my event after all the work was done, and all of this money went directly to the Event.
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