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The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl

No description

Emily Kamienik

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl

• The story introduces William Acton, the Protagonist, having just killed Donald Huxley in his house
• Paranoid and guilty from killing Huxley, William starts to remember everything that he touched as he starts to wipe off his fingerprints
• As he goes to clean the fruit at the bottom of the bowls, he starts to forget what he has already cleaned, so he cleans things over and over again, fighting with himself over if he has cleaned something or not

Plot Graph
• Introduces William Acton and who he murdered-Donald Huxley
• “The clock on the mantel ticked midnight” (Bradbury 35)
• The tone is very serious and creates an anxious and uneasy atmosphere
• The introduction hints at a theme of self-doubt

• This leads him to go crazy over the fingerprints
Spends hours cleaning the early morning and then he gets caught as a police walks in
• The last thing that he did was polish the doorknob, and he slams the door behind him in triumph
By: Sabrina & Emily
The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl
Exciting Force

Elements of a Short Story
The Importance of Character
Creating Conflict
Setting the Scene
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