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Road to canadian Confederation

No description

Shae Cuttle

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Road to canadian Confederation

Road to Canadian Confederation
War of 1812
As a step towards confederation, the war of 1812 was a uniting point of American invasion of British North American sovereignty.
after a while of being under the power of an Unjust Government, the people of the Canadas had enough of being treated poorly. This caused tension between the People and the Government. People who wanted change in Upper Canada, started a group called "Reform Movement." The group wanted a "responsible government", whom would elect members of the Legislative Assembly.
Rebellion in Canada
When Upper Canada and Lower Canada finally had enough, they started a rebellion. Upper Canada was influenced by the acts of lower Canada, and started what is known today as the Rebellion in Canada.
Canada was under the law of the British from 1763-1876. The treaty Paris had with the British was broken off in 1763, but the British still protected the political, religious and social cultures and property of the French who lived in British North America.
The First meeting
A conference was arranged in 1864 in Charlottetown, PEI, to discuss a local union of the colonies. They were discussing a Union wide enough to Include Upper and Lower Canada. They later agreed on having another conference, which was held in 1866.
The agreement
In 1866, representatives of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Upper and Lower Canada had a meeting in London with the Colonial Office. The conference led directly to the most important act in Canada History; The British North America act of 1867. The act was written in the constitution of Canada on July 1st, 1867, which is now called "Canada Day"
http://www.redlakeimmigration.com/Canada's%20Immigration%20Story/1867%20Canada%20at%20Confederation%20TIMELINE.html // http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/events-leading-to-the-confederation-of-canada
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