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Functional Skills English

First lesson 11/09/2012

Daniel Rogers

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Functional Skills English

Daniel Rogers
Functional Skills English
The Functional Skills assessment has no portfolio, it is exam based.
There are 3 separate assessments:
Speaking and Listening.
All exams are electronic or paper based.
Functional Skills English assessment
The Reading assessment at entry level (e1, 2 and 3) takes 40 minuets
At level 1 and 2 it takes 1 hour.
This exam will assess your reading ability and comprehension.
The Writing exam ranges from 30 minuets to 1 hour 15 minuets.
You will be assessed on:
Writing different types of documents
Writing clearly
Spelling, grammar and punctuation

You are allowed a dictionary but not a spell checker.
The speaking and listening exam is as it sounds.
1 group discussion for lower entry levels
2 group discussions for entry 3 and level 1
1 group discussion and 1 presentation for level 2.
Exam questions

Functional Skills English

By the end of this lesson students will be able to…


Examine an exam question and extract the information required
You belong to a local community Gardening Club. The committee wants to apply to the local
council to use an area of wasteland next to the Gardening Club. You need to ask the council to
pay for the removal of rubbish that has been dumped there.
Your task: is to write a letter to the council about using this land.
The address is Community Projects, Council Offices, Lombard Road, CX7 5BH.
Include detail about:
• information about the club
• what you want
• what the land will be used for
• what action you want the council to take
• how it will benefit the local community.
We suggest you write about 300 words. (25 marks)

Exam question one

It is asking you to write a letter to the council applying for the use of an area of wasteland next to the Gardening Club.

You are to include details about;
Information about the club
What it is that you want (i.e. the use of the wasteland)
What you will use the land for
What you would like the council to do (pay for the removal of rubbish that has been dumped on the wasteland)
How it will benefit the local community

What does this question want from you?

When you have a word count it is important that you get near it.

How near? Within 10% (of 300 words 10% is 30 words)

That means you should write between 270 words and 330 words.

No more and no less

Word count

How is this question marked?

The marking looks at your;
Writing; is it always clear and coherent (make sense)?
Writing; does it contain all the details mentioned?
Writing; is it in a logical order (i.e. have you asked what you would like from the council before asking them about it)?
Have you written in the correct language? i.e. formal informal
Is the format correct for the person who will be reading this?
Is the structure of the letter correct?
It also looks at at your spelling;
Have you spelt everything correctly?
Is your punctuation correct? have you used correct grammar?
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