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No description

Nicholas Searcy

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Bystander

Bystander Prezi By Nicholas Searcy
Eric Hayes just moved to Long Island, and as a new 7th grader at Bellport Central Middle School, all he really wanted is to fit in.

He was very afraid of finding friends, and one hot summer afternoon, someone came to help him. Or so he thought.
Eric found Griffin Connely and his gang
when they were chasing this poor kid
called David Hallenback across the open
field near the cemetery. Instantly for some reason, the two of them became friends (or so he thought).
"His Mom called it a new beginning. She said he should think of it as a fresh start. Those were her exact words, like she had memorized them from some drugstore greeting card."
Moving to Bellport and Why
There was one main reason why Eric and his Mom went to Long Beach, which was because of Eric's father. He had mental issues, and started to take medications for his anger issues. But when he stopped taking the medications, he cracked. He started breaking expensive things, threatening to hurt people, and just going crazy! So in a result, one night when Eric was very young, the dad broke lots of glass, and the next day, packed up his things and just left.
Figuring out Griffin Connely
After a matter of weeks, Eric had began to notice some suspicious activity from Griffin. He went over to Griffin's house one day, and what did he find? M rated games, stolen money, and little "souvenirs" from past memories.
Eric also noticed Griffin and his little gang repeatedly bullied that kid that was running from them that one summer afternoon. His name, if you forgot, was David Hallenback. They would make him do things just to hurt him, and they would also constantly bully him verbally.
Griffin overall was a very clever, yet bad person. He would charm his way into getting what he wanted, and he did real darn good at it. And that's probably why he is so "popular" at school and has so many "friends".
Now, back to the story.
Mary was no longer friends with some of the other girls, and Eric eventually got beaten up by Griffin's little crew.
Becoming Different
Over a period of months, Eric and one of Griffin's gang members Mary started to drift away from the whole Griffin Connely group. As a result of that, they tried to stop bullying issues around the school. Because of that, they became the people being bullied.
Oh and that David Hallenback kid, the one who was getting bullied? He became one of them, and hurt Eric too, kicking him furiously in the stomach.
And to make things worse, Griffin somehow found out Eric's locker combo, and could place something bad in it, like a knife or gun, and Eric would get in so much trouble even if he didn't put the thing in.
And not to mention, Griffin stole 27 dollars from Eric's little brother Rudy when he went over to Eric's house.
A couple of days later, Eric was determined to get that money back from Griffin, so he and Mary hatched a plan. He did get the money back, but in his attempt, he left his shoes at Griffin's house. The next day at school, he saw Griffin wearing his shoes!
But other than that, Eric and Griffin didn't talk at all from that point on. Everything worked out just fine, and Eric and Mary became best friends. Eric finally felt that he fit in and had friends in his new school!
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