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The French and Indian War

No description

harley realty

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of The French and Indian War

Causes of the French and Indian War
There was bad blood between the French and the English
They were fighting over the Ohio River Valley
George Washington's attack on the French was the "spark"
Fighting styles used
Guerilla Warfare
Irregular warfare used by a smaller force to defeat a larger and stronger opponent
Hide behind cover
Hit and run
Battle of Fort Necessity
Battle of the wilderness
General Braddock led 1200 men into an attack against several hundred French and natives
trying to capture fort Dusquesne from French
French used Guerilla warfare to defeat the English
Braddock died on the journey back and was buried under the trail
The French and Indian War
European Warfare
Organized, straight lines in an open battlefield
Fight by the rules of war
What happened:
George Washington did NOT use the fort for safety
when they were defeated Washington was forced to sign a treaty that was written in French
Washington had a horrible translator and signed the treaty saying he killed a French officer
By: Harley Realty
Per. 5th
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