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Meta School for Empowered Young Adults

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m l

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Meta School for Empowered Young Adults

Meta School for Empowered Young Adults
By: Megan Lloyd
AP Lang & Comp
Block 4B
MS Mission Statement:
"The Meta School for Empowered Young Adults is committed to providing the best education available for the next generation. It is they who will inherit our country and our world; at MS we are dedicated to providing your child with a safe and stimulating learning environment, advanced technologies, and personalized and attentive instruction in which we can be confident in their ability to assume their role as responsible young adults."
Our Main Focus
society, is an
Teach practical, vital skills for life on your own
Though everyone is unique, when a student performs exceptionally he/she will be recognized for their success.
Consideration, "life happens." We realize that our students understand the importance of education, but also have other things that take precedent.
Education is important, but not everything. No test can measure a child's self worth.
Finally, and most importantly, each of you are fearfully and wonderfully made (FWM), you are God's original masterpiece, and he doesn't make junk.
Meta is derived from the Greek word μετανοέω or metanoeó (met-an-o-eh'-o) meaning "change." We want our students to
the change.
It is a private high school for grades 9-12, solely because it contains some religious aspects that Separation of Church and State might not agree with, therefore it must be funded by outside sources such as alumni, parent boosters, donations etc.
Students at MS have a 6hr 30min school day, beginning at 8:00am and ending at 2:40pm.

Block 1
Morning Break
Block 2
All School Lunch
Block 3
Block 4
*On Tue. & Thurs. there will be FWM classes. FWM's are 25 minute sessions to enhance self image and idea of self worth.
The Physical Structure
Students will be graded on a 10pt scale
Points system
Only standardized test from the state will be administered
Students will be able to make their own course selection with the guidance of counselors.
Standard course classes will be available, but students also have a wide variety of elective classes.

Very selective when hiring teachers. All possible applicants will have to take a standardized test to prove their mastery in the fields.
Only teachers who can prove their knowledge in their subject field will be hired.
Student teacher ratio 20:1
1 Head Master, 4 Assistant Principles, and 15 Janitorial staff members/grounds keepers.
Course Selction
Wide variety of electives including athletic classes geared towards women.
More college-like electives including rock climbing, photography, etc.
The code of conduct is similar to that of Kettle Run. (Don't do anything illegal or dumb and you should be fine.)
While considering punishment, your track-record and the severity of the offense will be taken into consideration.
There is no special needs education offered.
Students may arrive to school via school bus, personal vehicle, or cable car.
Tuition is $10,000 a year, however there are discounts for alumni, school booster club members & donors, as well $50,000 dollars worth of available scholarship money.
Located in Gatlinburg, TN. (greenery)
3 story building with comfortable rooms for break periods & comfortable chairs to induce proper spine alignment.
Has it's own indoor pool with retractable roof for swim team.
MS will offer a variety of both male and female sports that will compete with both local public and private schools. Our sports include:
Girls & boys LAX
Cross Country and Track
We also offer theater, art, and music opportunities. MS will have honor societies and student-led clubs.
Year round Multi-trackout Schedule!

Go to school for 9wks, get off for 3, and so on. 6 weeks off for summer.
META Cuisine
Break period snacking area
Large cafeteria for all school lunch
Students will be able to chose from a limited menu of 3 Chef-made "house specials" for that day.
Daily salad bar
Upperclassmen are permitted to leave to get lunch so long as they are not tardy to 3rd block.
Graduation Requirements
Both advanced and standard diplomas at MS follow that of Kettle Run High School, with 2 exceptions.
Each student has to take 2 practical skills classes. (tax analysis, self defense, personal finance etc.)
Each student will have had to complete one summer or semester performing a "world changing tasks" of community service and selflessness.
Students may choose from a 4 week trip to an impoverished country, spending a summer/or semester serving as a WC summer staff member, volunteering at a local charity, or campaigning in DC, or their local community for a positive reform.
“Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life's blood. But everyone has something to give.” - Barbara Bush
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