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avenged sevenfold

time line

joel zerod

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of avenged sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold
first got together in 1999 the gays where all friends in high school and shared a passion for music so they formed a band with the four original members M.Shadows (lead singer), Zacky vengeance (guitar), The Rev (drummer), Matt Wendt (bassist) 12 months after the band started Synyster Gates joined the band as lead guitar When Synyster Gates joined the band he wrote the song Welcome to the Family because after the band gave him a call they treated him like family from the beginning In 2001 Avenged Sevenfold released there debut album from good life records In 2003 the band releases Walking the Fallen under hopeless records In 2002 the band re-released there debut under hopeless records in doing this Matt left the band and Johnny Christ joins the band Johnny Matt In 2003 the band leaves hopeless records and joins up with Warner Bro. Records The bands first big tour the Vans Warp Tour This is the tour that they filmed their video for Unholy Confessions. In 2005 avenged sevenfold releases city of evil In 2006 the band played in Ozzfest 31-1-2006 Avenged Sevenfold won the MTV Video Music Award The band wins best new artist with their song "Bat Country" In 2007 the band releases it's first DVD, titled "All Excess" on 30-10-2007 the band releases there fourth album after life The band's fourth album sold over 90,000 copies initially. In December of 2007 The band released their animated music video. on December 28, 2009 the rev died of an ascendant overdoses In 2009 the bands album city of evil becomes the bands first platinum album forREVer
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