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Digitalising the Business Community

Resarch-based ideas: because of us al going Digital

Henrik Blomgren

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of Digitalising the Business Community

Speed, Access and
Digitalising Business
What is cooking behind the most obvious?
Marketing Theory and ideas is up for grabs
Philip Kotlers 4 Ps
"Rainmaking" Marketing
Intense services
like ie
The Podium
The CV
Lasting Client
Digital changes "Core thinking"
The Well-informed
New ways for Segmentation
Restructuring the Landscape as whole (+ Global)
4P (Kotler) + Rainmaking (How to sell knowledge, if consulting): obvious cases

AOL 9 years for 1 million Subscribers
Facebook 9 month...
Draw Something 9 days..
(According SAI)
Customers, Competitors, Employer, Employees
New business models
Re-shaping the middle-man
But there is an Even

Do take care of your digital life
"What should actually a bank be called?"
Accenture: More employees in India than USA
Market Research versus Experimenting
Killing it, Or creating new ones
Digital and Mobile First (Not physical first and digital Second)
Email = E...Mail
PowerPoint = Plastic
What is CC?
Cars Over 50 % ICT, Google Termostats, edX/Second Life, Construction, Digital Consulting, HealthCareKUS, Newspaper (Nonlinear drop), Netflix, Logistics, FinTech, AssetLightLiving (CarPools), RyanAir, CryptoCurrency, m2/Individual, Office, Drones, IFTT, Crowdsourcing, SurveyMonkey, UrbanAirship, SimilarSites, Mailchimp, Crowdfunding, Smart Grids, Personalized Pharma, IoThings, 3Dprinters, Glassdoor, Dating (Tinder)...Security and business on top of it (Facebook-likes), and: Organizations/Leadership/Nations Changing...
15 Years ago: Clothes, Food, Education, Cars...
Did not happen!
So why now?

What does Digital bring?
- On the surface: Producivity (Same thing but cheep)
- Development Opportunities,
- Totally News of organising
- Options for Thinking differently...

- Of course the Marketing Profession do change also!

A Tremendous time for New Creations!
Killing whats Old!
Knowing Digital =
Comp Adv
In Marketing...and Elsewhere
Serious product?
Small but long and big suddenly!
Same but different?
Or 10 Sec
Todays Place
Surprice this is Gold and extremely well paid?
To be seen everywhere
Space Management
Indoor tracking
My Blogstats
Scania Fleet management
Tracking system
Most companies can be called "Middle-men"
- Transparency Needed!
- Involvement Needed!
The idea of "Industry" = Dead!
Here is the reason why Porter Analysis is having fundamental problems
- Deliver X but charge for Y
- Y that once was free
- Give away for free what once was expensive
x Hours instead of products ie
x Products instead of hours
- Subscribing for a light bulb was once
standard delivery...
Information as core advantage: Difficult!
- For business, for managers
Enjoy the digital life of others
Cheep and Quick
is NOT a small thing!
The Marketing
Profession as such
Change of: Tools, Ideas, Methods, Technology
You already
knew it is
(Podium, CV, Publicity, Relationships, Networks)
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