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Greek Mthology

I will be explaining to you Greek mythology stories, on Medusa, Perseus, and Zeus.

Tess Preising

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Greek Mthology

Greek Mythology Many Greek Mythologies!
MEDUSA PERSEUS ZEUS Mother and Father, Rhea and Cronus Cronus had bad habit of swallowing children Rhea hid Zeus in a cave in Mount Olympus because she didn't want Cronus to eat their newest son, Zeus. Instead of giving Cronus Zeus, she gave him a stone wrapped in a blanket. When Zeus was older, he fed Cronus a special herb that made him vomit all of his children out. Since Zeus saved all his brothers and sisters , the gods decided to make him supreme ruler. Once originally a beautiful maiden in Athena's temple, but Athena turned Medusa's hair to serpants after seeing her and the lord of the sea lay together. Any onlooker of Medusa turned to stone.
Medusa was a gorgon. She had two sisters;
Stheno and Euryale. A man named Perseus defeated Medusa
while looking through a mirror in his sheild
and she died.
Son of Zeus and Danae. Danae's father was
Acrisius, Acrisius one day went to the oracle
at Delphi who told him that one day he would be killed
by his daughters son. (That would be Zeus.)
Frightened, Acrisius casted Danae and Zeus in a chest
off to sea and they washed ashore on the island of Seriphos.
King of the island, Polydectes, decided to get rid of Perseus to
have his mother. Polydectes plot was to have a large banquet and everyone had to bring a gift.
He knew Perseus didn't have a gift so instead he sent him to fetch the head of Medusa.
Anyone who trys to kill Medusa gets killed themselves, by getting turned to stone.
With the gods help, Perseus remarkably defeated Medusa using equitment the gods gave him
and brought the head back to Polydectes. By reading this presentation, you should
not be scared about medusa lurking at night under
your bed. Never fear Zeus the ruler of all Greek gods is here!!!
By: Tess Preising
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